Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tire tracks all across Guv's back, I can see you've had your fun

Does everything happen for a reason at the highest level of consciousness? By the way this is me in a higher state of consciousness at Club High Up in St. Maarten.

and this is what fate materialized right in front of me...

Okay... how about everything happening for a reason at the highest level of consciousness? Since nobody's looking, we can discuss this.


So we agree that natural selection is not random, and below Richard even goes as far as saying that to exclude the unexpected is unscientific.

You do follow what I'm getting at? Let's project how ordered natural selection is plucking out Chris Christie.

Wow, that bridge again? Test #1 and the bomb scare traffic jam on the Brooklyn Bridge set up the gag which keeps on giving. The Chris Christie bridge lane closure and subsequent Christie ambush by the media was the paranormal punch line we'd been waiting for, fortified with bonus evolutionary acceleration as he is rendered unelectable.

I had tweeted this picture of the new bridge over the lagoon accompanied by my Serious Fun Staff hubby, a few days before Christie and his stab-in-the-back staff were displayed to the public on Jan. 8th.

We got a brand new causeway in the lagoon. I also successfully burned my head with Sensi yesterday.

But didn't you bring up the George Washington bridge a few days prior?

The GW bridge, baby! New Yawk for Xmas Eve! Spirit? Fuggedaboutit!

We both know by now we're somehow intimately involved in these cosmic entanglements. And what happened to Christie, as well as everyone else who gets sideswiped in one of our jokes, is nothing more than what their karma allows; what they could have coming... Caligulish yet unsullied... I have to admit I admire the technology.

The woman Christie points to as the villain, Bridget Kelly, has bridge right in her name! Bridge it kill he.

I tweeted you about it:

bridge/serious fun staff/Fort Lee/french/strong read? Gov Karma-is-a-Bitch is 2 boffo to wait for the blog

A couple days later you showed up on Chris Matthews, and there was Gov, already done in by karma.

He put it best in his own words...

The latest bridge story is monumental, but I have to catch up where we left off so as not to forget a single paranormal postmark. As you'll see again this time, events are conspiring to bring out my feelings for you, and I, out of loyalty for science, my sweet spot, will fling out every single smirch.

I sent the last blog entry on Dec. 19th at 4:04 pm. No need to link to it now for those who are chronologically challenged and are reading the blog backwards. Dec. 19th's blog chapter featured Worchester - war chest her - coming in like a wrecking ball. At 4:33 that day you tweeted about a truce, bunned in a typically snidely comment.

Yes boys and girls, Santa is white, MikeTyson is black... And here's my gift to you:

Man, Christmas is a pain in the ass! There, I said it. Next year, all those who shop for me/send cards and who I do same: Christmas truce?

Soon after, your pre-show blurb ended in the same conciliatory tone:

Called 'Wind Mined Diamond Heart', the last installment laid out the emotional roller coaster of hosting an angel/demon fronting as a comic. On Dec. 21st, I was charmed to see snow storm Gemini - gem in I - and chirped about this at 3:19 pm:

Here comes winter storm Gemini/Gem-in-I... let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

At 5:33 you squawked back la la la...

Winter Solstice!Love this theists know that the "birthday" of "Jesus" coming so close to it is not a coincidence, right?

Encouraged, I tried to satisfy your turbulent yearning by offering an idea for a new faith, Frisbeetarianism.

Frisbeetarianism: The belief when you die, your Soul flies on the roof and gets stuck there, until I blow you on the parking lot.

In St. Maarten we're constantly driving by hilarious expressions etched in windshield tint. On the day of the tweet I guessed all was swell with you when I drove by a car that said


Lo and behold, the next day I see a straight line twister fricasseed 30,000 16 day old chicks in 'Downsville' Louisiana... Caligula meets Rumi.

On Dec. 24th, I dissected tropical cyclone Dirk to 'dit I are k' - tell I are ok. Conversely, the Dec. 26th pile up in Reading PA. was reassuring in its own way, that you indeed are reading the blog.

On Dec 27th, I followed through on the tradition of showing you my new shoes... these are a German design.

new shoes, ooh eee ooh!

Then on Dec 29th, Formula One champion Michael Schumacher hit his head on a rock while skiing, and is only now being awoken from an artificially induced coma. shoe mac her? Those who raced against him affirmed his competitive drive was so intense there were few bounds to the dangers they faced. If the frequency of these name games tip the scales and tear through the fabric of reality by sheer numbers, the concept of karma will have to be re-explored. We'll be examining how he ended up challenging himself to the ultimate competition - a head injury rehabilitation. I think you do reap what you sow, although the veil of anonymity between lives makes the path less obvious.

I also tweeted you about the new form of cryptic messaging:

Shoe mac her? Is carving up famous names our latest expression of gallantry? aww!

I had noticed on Jan.3th that Phil Everly of the Everly brothers passed away at 75. Ever lis... always read.

Back to the timeline. Jan 3rd's Hercules snow storm was followed the next day by snow storm Ion. This indicated you were in fact paying attention... to Pat's girlfriend Tatiana who was featured in the last blog entry. Her cul is I on. Cul is french for ass, mais oui.

Here she is roaming wild when she got bored at a golf game in Anguilla...

Even the clouds were in on it...big dreamy erect penises... not to spoil the fantasy, but these are also known as chemtrail chemical hooks.

A couple days later on Jan 6th, did I read right about repentance with a certain cyclone Ian? I an ***... yes, it had to feel good to come clean.

 As I mentioned, when the house gets rented, we go on vacation. So far, it's working out extremely well.

On Jan. 9th we went to Atlanta to see Juny's sisters and nieces, and check out the *hip hop capital of the world*. I told you about it...

Heading to ATL Thursday for hood rich dance music. Can we Hotlanta up?

On Jan 10th as I arrive, I see tropical cyclone Colin, so I call in.


I sent you another twerk excerpt, shot at Club Sutra, Atlanta, where we celebrated my 52nd bday.

One of my friends commented under the video, happy birthday 'Saint Cat'! I've been helping him out with handy island referrals.

Here it is:

Well, the very same day, a car with Santana written in tint on the back windshield literally stopped in front of me, and waited until I figured out what Sant is... an A. Being an A is something we have in common according to the oracle.

This primed me for your return on HBO Jan. 17th. You brought up the code name Brown, only to denigrate Jerry Brown... something about him being elected in 1845. Ouch! Birthdays are not meant to celebrate aging. You followed this lame shout-out by a bunch of old jokes about evacuations.

Next came the b-day surprise cyclones. On Jan 19th I first spotted Ling Ling! Calling back after I sent you Dring?

In the same hemisphere swirled Deliwe and June. Overnight the meaning came to me, just popped into my mind, as it often does when I just didn't get it the day before. 'They lis we' - by now I don't need to go over that 'lis' is read in French and 'âne' is donkey - they read us - in June... As you know I don't share this blog much, except for sending it to the occasional shaman, seeking their advice, or sometimes a snooty atheist to rub their nose in non fiction. When I 'figured out' the meaning of these names, I went back to the computer to save the image, but Deliwe was gone! More annoyment. No way to find a picture online of those three storms together. I felt our angel getting his kicks out of watching me fume over this.

Here's me looking for Deliwe...

Not to be undone, I stuck Deliwe in there. Here it is, albeit that's what the map looked like the day before.

As a Filipino storm, Ling Ling was its international name, the local name was Agaton... I figured out this one right away: age a ton.  Did we make it through another birthday?

Now I'm not one to make predictions... not psychic, just observant. So what's this 'they read we in June'?

If we can make it through the first of the four blood moons without having my period at the same time, we'll see what hellarity June has in store.

While looking for the tri-storm picture, I ran across this from last June 23rd - Bebinca. I didn't tell you about this one because it wasn't pertinent at the time. It still isn't but Deliwe regurgitated the subject.

After 21 years of love and laughs, my angel is my baby. Is he ever going to peek out into the world?  Babe inc ah! Around the same time on June 9, 2013 came the Booker, TX super cell - book her, and tropical storm Chantal on July 8th - chant all. Yes, I was thinking about this back then. There's a few normal, well adjusted people I share everything with, but so far nothing from the internets. No one has come forward to discuss it, even though I would gladly pay for an intelligent commentary. Debunk me, please! I'm not interested in  public vaudeville, but I'd love to bounce this off some like minded intellects.

Perhaps prophetically, Scott Stossel, a journalist for The Atlantic, instinctively bumped onto something in a recent interview, about your justification of NSA spying for security purposes.

He asked innocently...

"If the NSA's knowing when you masturbate was directly correlated with their ability to stop an attack, that would probably be ok, right?

You laughed and said, "That would be ok, yes."

I have some background research on this concept!

Have you noticed how weather is virtually all they talk about on the news? On Jan. 22nd, the eastern seaboard was pummelled by snow storm Janus. J'anus - je suis un anus. Dear Bill, I've been listening to age jokes and burrowing all over for Deliwe. Can it get any clearer than that?

The next snow storm on Jan. 24th, Kronos, didn't make much sense, until 2 days later when the pope released the peace doves as a gift to the crow. What doth crow know? Another premonition?

By then, I was wondering whether the truce was in the toilet and I should just dim the lights and pack up, until I saw this tweet you sent on the State of the Union Speech:

Boehner done listening, now picturing Obama as bottle of Old Crow -

That tied in our current themes with a flourish, I was impressed, so I tweeted back:

He looks drunken in love relegated to a life of denial.

Did I say something off color? The next day, Atlanta (from where I just returned) experienced 'Snow Storm Leon: the Meltdown', of a kind that looks suspiciously like the magical reverberating emotional backlashes we've seen so far. Total paralysis of the city, an indescribable mess!

Here's the whole report for those who were out of the country.

Interestingly, you brought up the word Brown again on Leno the night of the storm with 'heck of a job Brownie!' sounding like you didn't miss a beat to pin me as the agent provocatrice.

I left the Caligula nominated horse bit cause it's so precious!

And what about Congressman Grimm's taped threat to throw a journalist off the balcony? Names Ahoy! Praise evolution! His name suits him perfectly.

You also get an E for effort with this SOTUS tweet:

Waiting for him to introduce a guy named Anik Dotal -

By now you're wondering if I'm on any meds. Since 19 years I've been pharmaceutical free, but recently I've finally been able to take a toke now and then. The vaporizer doesn't work, it's like standing next to someone who's getting high. From first hand experience, the PR sound bite geared to the NFL that weed is beneficial for concussions did not work out for me, as that's the combination that started my health problems back then. The media is painting weed as a panacea for every ailment, reminiscent of last century's promise that cigarettes are good for you. In Atlanta I tasted Kush, which is a GMO mix of a little weed for looks and alot of addictive chemicals. Super intense for a minute and you need more right away. I'm glad to be back in the Caribbean where we get organic Sensi from Jamaica. Moderate use of THC is fabulous and might have a couple medicinal uses, but like anything else, it has to be real. That's what Americans should be smoking, but you're getting steamrolled in the name of science. Label weed ingredients!

If weed PR is over the top, nothing beats the Illuminati's showstopping efforts for LGBT acceptance, an exceptionally sensitive issue in foreign countries. Our new license plates are lavender and so is the bridge over the lagoon. Now that's subliminal luminosity!

In the US, MTV's Rob Drydek Fantasy Factory did a show about gazing, where everyone shouts gaze, gaze gaze! For half an hour I watched people looking at each other saying how much fun it is to gaze... the only purpose being to expose the word 'gays' in a positive light. And... oh yeah, your FOX Superbowl announcer was dressed in purple. Elegantly simple associations where they're needed most, especially as the Superbowl was in Secaucus  - see cock us.

All this was happening while storms and dead celebrities abound in the background.

On Jan. 27th Pete Seeger passed away at 95 and yes, that day I tried to go to the sea for the first time this winter and it was grrr... really cold.

Atlanta's snow storm Leon - read on - signalled it's time to write, coupled with TC Dylan - 'dit elle an' - ok, I have to tell you why I'm an ***! Simultaneous TC Kajiki - cage he key - explains why.

This week it's snow storm Maximus - maxim us - Yes, I still write all this down for us....and Maximillian Schell passed away -max a million shell - followed by snow storm Nika - did you get a nick, ah!

Philip Seymour Hoffman also left this earth - feel hip, see more of man...Amazing, I feel you're still also here.

Then two simultaneous cyclones, Edna and Edilson. I was thinking of fixing the picture in the club. I changed my mind when I saw aid nah. Now there's Edilson... Should I fix it - aide is on? I'm starting to feel more at ease with the lines, so I'll just leave 'em in there.

Someone may be renting the house again, from March 7th to 14th. You're in Atlanta on the 15th, so I was faced with the possibility of showing up, raw and unretouched. I thought about it for a while and felt it isn't how I would like to meet you, so I might visit family in Florida or hang out in Dominica. If you had a twinkling of appreciation for magic I would feel safer to come see you, especially after betting the lotus farm I can turn you on! So we're not ready, but I thought I would pass the strange feeling on to you by asking you in a tweet if we should come see you. You tweeted something about going on a cruise and omitted to mention Atlanta when enumerating your schedule at the end of the show... Especially funny is today's TC Fobane - fresh off the boat donkey - although I do have a certificate of American citizenship in a drawer somewhere, about as useless to me as the Canadian and French ones. I'm all Caribbean now, for environmental reasons.

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