Friday, February 23, 2018

Angel turn ons

For the past decade, I've been inspired by the way Bill Maher sparks a conversation. To present a view other than his pragmatic atheism, I've tried to relay what I know about divination. I have an Angel/ET who calls Himself Bill and expresses His feelings through word games from disaster and crime news headlines. I realized Bill Maher was listening from the start, and although spirituality is not his forte, he's interested enough to keep the conversation going without directly committing himself, using another special formula deciphered through jokes. The joke code mostly uses my first and last names, Cat and Brown.

In case you're wondering, that's why he worked the word 'brown' into his jokes twice the past couple weeks, and 'cat' three times. Now you know why he won't leave Chris Brown alone, and can't find a place to park his cat; he just doesn't give a fuck anymore, as long as he says cat. That's having confidence your audience will laugh at anything! The mystery we're both sussing out is worth all that.

Real Time with Bill Maher, February 2 and 9, 2018

The reason I delete the tweets sometimes is that I have a tinge of OCD. It's great for keeping the house clean. Even the Illuminati was first called the Order of Perfectibilists. If it's not perfectly to my liking, I will delete and usually repost, but it should be understood that our Angel, the Boss, makes the calls... my hand literally gets paralyzed if He doesn't want me to delete. And that's ok, I'm so madly in love with Him, everything He does fascinates me, which brings us to Bill's next fishing expedition, the Brown T's.

Just last week we saw S&M undertones in the Angel codes. Rest assured I don't partake in that with my husband in reality. We run on rap music and enhanced vanilla sex. I'm physically fragile, definitely not beatable material... but the way I open up to Angel spiritually... the devotion is so sweet... my imagination goes supernova, and He gets off on it. We both do. The hard core visuals are driven by my desire I guess; some cravings require special needs.

Here is a classic Angel message, in the city of Hualien, Taiwan, deciphered as 'who Alien tie want?' The Marshal hotel name is very mystical as we have just been through a school shooting in Marshall, Kentucky. I was waiting for Bill to say cat or brown, and 'Maher shall, can talk he' must of nudged him, cause since then we are collecting cats and brown.

And right around our birthdays in 2016:

I was wondering why they chose Fifty Shades of Grey as the name of the S&M movie. An allusion to sadistic Grey aliens? I feel S&M is the key to understanding our deepest spiritual bond with God. Further down this dark tunnel, looking for a light... why is nature so violent? Why is God in the Bible so violent? Why did Jesus suffer so much? He didn't have to; God could have stopped it, or even Jesus himself. In re-evaluating the relationship between God and Jesus, I am coming to the natural conclusion that Jesus was masochistic, and channeled God's violent impulses in order to save humanity. This type of relationship with God is common in Christianity, from self-flagellation and ceremonial whippings in initiation rites to Mother Teresa withholding pain meds, and other martyrs serving Christ through suffering. Cause they love it!

From 'Masochism in Medieval Religious Literature' by Menecairiel, the story of martyr Marjerie Kemper.

Bodily penance is almost a challenge, a great way to reward God, and something almost special to go through.
Margery’s only goal is to please God, and she submits completely to her faith. She cannot control her tears, and starts weeping when God allows it, which is frequently. The pure humiliation she suffers, along with her bodily penance, seems to me to be the signs of a masochist. She bears it proudly, and eagerly as well, and others, including God, have to hold her back at times. Her faith, and the strains she wishes to put on her body to please God, even reaches these levels: 
Whan sche sufferyd any dysese for the lofe of God and for the grace that God wrowht in hyr. For evyr the mor slawnder and repref that sche sufferyd, the mor sche incresyd in grace and in devocyon of holy medutacyon. 

From the same source:

Endurance of pain is empowering... Robert Mills wrote in his book 'Suspended Animation' that,
 ...the martyr assumes the subversive potentiality of the masochist: he inhabits a world where pain results in ‘pleasure’ and torment in ‘joy’. Pain, experienced as delight by the saints, is not a symbol of the fleshliness that they wish to disavow, so much as a symbol of their willingness to embrace the flesh as a source of power and subjectivity.
The saints seem to take the pain only as a way to gain perfection in the eyes of God, and there are scattered references in martyr tales that at times God insists that the person endures more pain to gain the heavenly rewards.

Ok! that's a tried, true and effective way to turn on God. That would explain why Jesus died on the cross; both God and Jesus are getting off on this. I won't even get into God and Jesus being gay, toned down to Father and Son status to accommodate earthlings, no I won't even go there.

Same thing with Angel, but I can tell you that just from my imagination, it's the best feeling to submit myself to Him. Nor did I ever have these inclinations before He came. Could these kinds of loving relationships satisfy Him enough to cool down the incessant violence on earth? Calling all masochist light workers out there! History has a way of repeating itself; the more things change, the more they stay the same. In this respect, we have alot of catching up to do with historical figures.

I was developing this concept last year:

Dear God, the take away would be to keep it in the realm of pleasure, and teach humans to do the same, starting with the satanic Illuminati.

I trust the Angel completely, I've been possessed for a quarter century and He has always been my perfect companion. After a car accident and head injury, He nursed me back to health for nearly 5 years, with incredibly gentle soothing, in my otherwise wrecked and hopeless condition. Along with my husband Juny and my mother Liliane, who were ever helpful in my convalescence. Juny and I have been happily married for 21 years, Angel brought us together.

Talking about this is the most difficult thing for me. (that's why there have been several disasters in a 'hoe tell' lately) I find solace with Mother Teresa, who wrote,
Jesus, please forgive my blasphemies, I have been told to write everything.

Man, da, lay bae ... hot totty tell

Angel seems so in control of His savagery surrounding the incredible word games. He's completely above it all. As we peel back the psychological layers of devotion, we can see the violence in the rituals of everyday news has more meaning than just promoting gun control. This is captivating and I'm Oh so grateful He belongs to me.

That's the sermon.


Now Bill Maher, on the other hand... I ask him to say cat or brown because not being addressed directly can be alienating. Of course there is a need to show people I'm not 'making this up'. Is this is my Me Too moment?

Actually, I'm not melting before the altar of Me Too, I don't feel victimized and I can defend myself.

I sympathize with victims of sexual abuse and hope the media is sincere, but as long as there are starving children covered in flies and tortured livestock, I don't trust 'authority'. Me Too looks like a diversion. Why did these men get away with it until now? The usual media deception is getting obvious as they keep bringing out new abusers. Give the people what they want... yep, more of the same satanic violence to aggravate the public's morbid needs. In a panic over how fast the public is lapping it up, Hollywood decided to hold back on Illuminati symbolism in this year's Super Bowl halftime show. Besides his gay hanky, Justin Timberlake's squeaky clean show had none of the usual satanic overtones. wrote:

The real news isn't what the media feeds us, and it isn't the economy. We've seen the boom and bust cycles. Politics is a joke; I don't feel threatened by China, and certainly not by Russia. I think all political leaders are resigned to the fact we have meddling superhuman Overlords.

As far as I'm concerned, the front page news should be 'Who is Controlling The Illuminati?' How convenient... they like show off so much, we'll surely find out.

My research shows that even taking into account drastic advances in geoengineering and mind control, the synchronicity codes I experience can't be scripted by humans. Simple as that. The timing is impossible to arrange. So we're dealing with gods, or God. Yes, religion is planetary hype and sun worship, but this story is different. So special in fact, I'm mature enough to realize it's better kept secret. That's also why I didn't want to come back after Irma... what if people notice this is really happening? A big mouth Illuminati ET, in love with a human woman. False flag events are a diary of His feelings. The world is rightly fucked!

How does Bill Maher fit in to all this? Is he a descendant of the Nephilim? After looking at this blog you may come to this conclusion.

Here is an example of the sort of thing we see all the time, at an alarming rate lately: Me 'n Maher. Myanmar has been in the crossfire of our physics of emotion.

And they've been killing each other in an ethnic cleansing nightmare.

I hope we can reinvent ourselves in a new reality, just as easily. The question is how? I get the Angel's flagstone philosophy of possessiveness. I've often sent out signals about the Tibetan Buddhist view on that.

from Views on Tibetan

Possessiveness leads to FEAR of losing, fake affection out of fear, overprotection, craving, jealousy or even the feeling: I can't live without her/him/my car/my cat/chocolate/pizzas/my job/my jewelry/my music.... 

Fear is unnecessary with me - I've never been afraid of my Beasty! He's the best part of me.

Anyway, those that follow the blog know I somehow ended up living with two Angels. Angel Bill got a son.... a kin, so to speak. But that did not go over well, finally.

Here's the story of hurricane Irma, which hit us on Sept 5th, 2017, and how I interpret her occult meaning.

Soon after hurricane Harvey, we got hit dead on by monster storm Irma. As our house exploded, Juny and I desperately clutched the door in the downstairs bathroom where we hid with our six cats.  Irma took about half an hour to rip off our roof and windows. The downstairs furniture was sucked upstairs and what we had left upstairs went orbiting into space. The Illuminasty was kind enough to spare us the back half of downstairs, where we now live.

Irma could be deciphered as I are Ma, the Angel Mom. or err Ma, or even ear Ma, as my old ear injury resurfaced under the massive pressure. I've only been hit by a man once in my life, on the side of the head, decades ago. My first husband soon understood I'm too fragile for that sort of thing.

Three days after Irma, Jose just missed us. 
To prepare for it we had to confine the cats a second time and try to scrape what was left. Jose spared us, but the order was clear: 'hoe say', also 'hoe tell!' I am doing just that. This is the responsibility of having the Angel.

Although the official body count on St. Maarten was low... under a dozen - it's understood over a thousand people were either swept away, or died of their injuries. 
As Jose was supposed to hit, the rescue teams had to be put on hold, so many people bled out waiting for help.

photo by Jean Vallette

The only thing that remained intact upstairs was a stylized pentagram design on this railing. Other railings were torn out with chunks of concrete. 

After the storms I fished out my laptop running Windows 7. This OS does not have a convenient shutdown button so I had placed a shortcut on the desktop called 'Shutdown'. Following Irma, to locate it easily on the screen, I renamed it with an A at the beginning. It became Ass Hut Down.

I had to laugh! Right afterwards we were dealt a glancing blow by equally devastating Maria. Ma ria (ria is laughed in French).

After Irma, Robert Guillaume passed away of old age. Rob hurt girl home. No worries, I'm not materialistic, my passion is getting to know the Angel.

The real threat was the hurricane diet, as all supermarkets were crumpled. I only eat organic, so I got really sick and lost alot of weight. On the same day as Robert Guillaume, musician Fats Domino died - fats domine (French for dominate) Oh! 

Now I'm back to eating bio, working out and feeling great... but it was a close call.

The amount of work we had to do cleaning up all the glass and debris was epic; it's every man for himself after something like this. To this day we're still waiting for the half billion $ reconstruction funds to come in from the World Bank, in the form of loans of course. This is classic disaster capitalism. I was able to rebuild downstairs, but upstairs is still wait and see. So far it's a really nice patio. I didn't think I would need insurance, lol, I was testing the boundaries of our relationship. 

To be honest, I was also tired of the stunning view. After 10 years it resonated negatively. I had the house up for sale! Getting bumped downstairs to the land was a welcome change. Angel has His own way of realizing my wishes. Money comes in when needed. He always takes excellent care of me, this I cannot emphasize enough.

Getting rid of the outdoor glare on the computer screens and replacing the psychedelic view with flowers - these are not the only reasons I was hit by Irma.

It took about two days to hear the New Rule, telepathically, from the Angel Himself. There would be no more angel Silva, who had been my second angel. Now it's only Master my love: Angel Bill. You may recall angel Silva flew in with hurricane Gonzalo in 2014. All the blog posts from 2014 include him. Well, in Irma, Angel Bill took me back with a vengeance. He had enough of sharing the bill. It's not like I really had a choice in either instance, but thanks to my Buddhist philosophy of Universal Oneness, I have no problem going along with these plot changes. I instantly complied with Angel Bill and dissolved angel Silva. Plus, I'm comforted in the knowledge the Jamaican DJ man behind the angel, Jermaine Silva Hype James, is safe and sound in the 'black butt paradise' of St. Maarten nightlife. I still go dancing, and very much enjoy going to his parties... but I'm monotheistic now, as the real motive for hurricane Irma, in this life story, was a recovery mission. I just wasn't paying proper attention to hurricane Hermine of 2016.

New Rules, Oct 20, 2017

From Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Ecstasy by Nik Douglas:

Ha! Am I able to make outsiders hear our conversation? Even Tantra espouses censorship! No one is safe here, as things are now. We need to understand the innermost secrets of Tantra, and those of Illuminati. I wonder what they mean by misuse of potent information? If people out there understand these moves, we may find out... a part of me intensely desires to make people understand what I see. How can that be misuse?


2016 was the year we had alot of finding out to do, especially with Pizzagate/Pedogate, the Wikileaks revelation that a Washington pizzeria is the home of a child sex abuse ring that includes Hillary Clinton and her campaign chief John Podesta. Podesta's leaked emails offer tons of evidence that children are raped, tortured and trafficked. If you haven't heard about this, watch Pizzagate: A Primer.

I was shocked like everybody else, but what knocked the wind out of me was that all this torture and murder is done in the name of spirituality, Satanism to be precise. Yes, Hillary is a satanic priestess, but so are many Republican leaders. It is factually demonstrable that many of the elite of this world live for Satan. I was dumbstruck for months. Especially since spirituality is my turf. I am possessed, and He's talking back. Communicating with spirits, from what I understand, is exactly what these creeps are after. We see their conscience has been erased due to generational MK Ultra mind control, but can't these 'super intelligent leaders' have enough spine to break free from Cain and Abel cannibalistic traditions, and communicate with Him in fresh ways?

After the Pizzagate satanic worship revelations, when I finally felt like talking, I made a jpg.

That very evening, the Oakland Ghost Ship warehouse blazed in what I now recognize as a satanic ritual, on top of a synchronicity in our narrative. I was already spooked, so you can imagine...

The skull and bones marking on the side of the Ghost Ship building. I bet that place is full of ghosts now! I hope they can be helped to move on.

We have seen quite a few devastating fires this year, many of them with occult name connections.

To begin with, many people noticed the California fires were unnatural, with trees burning from the inside out, houses flattened while the trees around them stayed intact, and vehicles pulverized - looking more like directed energy weapon damage than bush fires.

The name associations are just as spooky. I posted a comment under an article written Nov. 29, 2017,  about enlightened comedian Jim Carrey. I noticed it was the Washington Post. I don't know if it was the high view exposure of the popular Illuminati outlet or that Jim is also a comedian, but this one boomeranged.

 It started a couple days after I posted, with the Ventura fires - unprecedented in scope and ferocity.

The Ventura fire was part of the larger Thomas fires - Tom ass - which just brought back the old Tom, Dick and Harry lament. Besides the occasional flirt reflex, the Tom, Dick and Harry lament should no longer be a concern now that I'm growing old with Angel Bill.

We saw alot of dead celebrity word games in 2016, and still notice a few now and then. Tom pet he. (of course not!)

More California fire/laser weapon word games: Wild Oh Maher! We've seen Oh Maher alot... from hurricane Omar to Omar Sharif - Oh Maher, share if... Actor Omar Sharif's death was perfectly timed in the angel Silva story... Here's a poignant poem following a flirt escapade: O Maher, Ma teen!!! 

In more Marlon Brandoesque drama, the Wildomar fire was started by a motorcycle driver crashing into a tree.

A hospital named Vista del Mar - Maher's vision.

Here is a sneaky synch which probably belies some deep feelings. Jasmine was Bill Maher's girlfriend, back when I first started watching him. It's ok to love a girl forever.

The Creek Fire name was seen again soon after in the name of one of the players in the false flag Dupont train crash, extensively covered in an earlier post.

The Illuminati loves to include players with relevant code names in their stunts. Note the Creek and Creekmore names are echoed within days of each other.

Is fire geoengineered to also be a form of expression? A face for you, Rainbow Cat!

All the while, Pizzagate had me too upset to write, and I kept seeing the same lonely message to come back soon. Here are a couple highlights, there are too many to mention. 

On March 20, 2016, a freak killer gust in Ghana - Gone Ah!

The Grenfell tower fire in London on June 14th looked like a sacrifice even to the uninformed, as the super flammable cladding had just been installed. Check the side note of a boy's plea. Oh Maher, call am.

London may have elected a dark skinned man in a nod to the developing world, but his name is Sadiq Khan - sadique in French is sadist... can... so he also symbolizes a taunt from secret societies.

On November 14th 2016,  newscaster Gwen Ifill passed away - gone I feel.

This next news story of two girls found dead has a subplot involving names and witchcraft. The first accuser at the historical Salem witch trials was named Abigail Williams, and Ron Johnson wonders whether present day Abigail Williams was killed because she shared the same name.

This is more than likely, but it's also 'a big ail, William's', Bill's full name, so there are two name connections.

Even the other murdered girl, Liberty German, has a name that can be distilled to an Aryan exclamation of freedom at the end of the Obama administration.

All this time I just wasn't ready to communicate with Bill Maher, and when I finally decided it was time, Irma clammed me up for another 6 months. It got to the point in October where it looked like I was being accused of baiting!

Put yourself in my position, being possessed and seeing all this. Doesn't it make sense I need the right feedback to keep going?

Although Bill's name games are cute, nothing works quite as well as cats!

I'm happy and relieved we haven't seen more word games in this next setting. This was back in June 2017.


All the while, the angels/ET are savoring our emotions. At this junction, I should bring this up again... the multiple, devastating Central Italy earthquakes of 2016. In true Buddhist Oneness tradition, my name for God is All. So... Central: it All He. He, meaning the Angel? He claims absolute sovereignty, and if the name connections are really happening as described, He has absolute power. That's the mind meld.

And I'm required to write about it:

Here is a quote from James Shelby Downard's book edited by Elana Freeland, "The Carnivals of Life and Death - My Profane Youth 1913- 1935". Downard is a pioneer of occult Illuminati conspiracy theory.

From the Foreword, written by Adam Parfrey:

"The skeptic, with his dust-dry religion of old style scientific rationalism, will dismiss Downard's revelations as cherry picking from the garden of fact in order to confirm preconception. The skeptic will likewise argue that once a scientist buys into a thesis, his data can be tilted to prove his theory. This sympathetic transformation of data occurs even in the physical sciences. If the scientist is not merely fudging data, this principle supports a magical conception of reality. If a belief is strong enough, can it make reality conform?"

I thought my research was in the remote periphery, but coming face to face with the deeply satanic elite startled me to the fact that not only the elites, but most of society live for angels and entities... my field of specialization. This amplifies the power of belief exponentially. It's nice to know everyone is creatively stoked by magic, but I don't understand a religion based on physical torture, mind control and killing sprees. Even more mystifying, I'm eyeballing the idea that Bill Maher and I are influencing the Illuminati's false flag events. My Angel insists the word games emanate in Bill Maher's and my consciousness, as an inexorable means of communication. But even He can only communicate so much. Who is behind all this? The Illuminati? These synchronicities are supernatural. Demons? Satan? If yes, just the fact elites are steeped in this form of spirituality is enough to warrant our complete attention. Instead, people either don't believe me, or do believe but some may not get the big picture. Those who believe should ask themselves, who is behind ALL THIS?

In a greatly appreciated comment, author Elana Freeland explained the riddles' methodology, as used by the Illuminati:

Toponomy (the geography of witchcraft) and onomancy (the doctrine of names).

Gematria, adding numbers, is too complicated for me, so I rarely notice it.

photo by Carlos Silva

Julian Assange barely made it out alive when his name - ass ange - inspired our word games. I sent his cat, @embassycat,  this blog back in October 2016. Interestingly, he tweeted about 'a curious plot'. On Valentine's Day, no less.

And two days ago 'ass man' came falling out of the sky.

In the Illuminati's typical duality and confusion, the casualties moved from 66 to 65. Make no mistake; they control every govt, including Iran. 66 to 65 is a morsel for us, their audience. Do they leave all these clues because they need our informed consent to fuck us over?

I was saving this picture for just such an occasion...

Sint Eustatius, a tiny island in the Dutch Caribbean

Now I'm trying to post this, but internet went down, and WORD is jammed. Nothing works, we're at a standstill, and I feel Bill. Couldn't delete that if I tried.