Friday, February 28, 2014

Yeah Bill, I'll fax you

Wow! I just saw tropical storm Faxai, freshly formed in the middle of some ocean... does it even matter which one anymore? Actually... for the weather warfare watchers, Faxai is supposed to brush east of Guam as a severe tropical storm.

Faxai? After your New Rules plea to read antiquated newspapers, why am I not surprised it's called Faxai and not Emmaylmi?

 Also, too close to you for comfort, future snow storm Titan is wetting down LA. I figured it out overnight: Tight ├óne. Is it the donkey or the Coultergeist?

The desalination lobby warns via NOAA and CNN the drought will not be dented by all this glorious wetness. In an even more sensational spin stunt, by the financiers this time: the quickie segment on MSNBC about how Venezuela's banks (public banks, wouldn't you know it)  are somehow responsible for highrise slums, read: the public banks are ruining the country. If the country is running ragged, it's because of corruption and certainly not public banking per se... just look at the highly successful state public banking model of North Dakota.

Lean Forward Everyone!

I'm leaning wit it and flexin it too, in this homemade jerky-twerky to Gucci Mane's Lemonade. 

I'm going to watch the Dancehall Queen Competition later tonite. I love all my ladies!

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