Thursday, February 20, 2014

3 more tokes, and I only feel like writing about politics.

We were discussing the overbearance of the illuminati over all imminent domains, especially the  ΓΌber internet's anti elite, yummy conspiracy enthusiasts. Us! The illuminati illuminates us too, rejoicing sadistically in the discourse, for their entertainment... as well as ours, those of us who don't give a fuck about any channel, and just want to be left alone to converge more subtly. That about covers everyone.

Whoever wants to fight anywhere on earth is served by the illuminati. Kids  get paid to fight in Kiev in an overnight civil war, is that not close enough to be considered terrorism at the Olympics? Same news show, just the US taxpayer funded $5 billion nation-building aid to Ukraine shows how cheaply you can put on the Revolution Games, so much more macho than hockey. What is the point? Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe? EU encroaching on Russia?  Economic recalibration? Me no think so. Don't the NWO banksters get what they want everywhere else in the world without shedding blood?

I'm just happy no Russian names are onomatopoeic, and pray we all achieve liberation from the banksters, and total liberation in the next life. Always the positive thinker.

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