Friday, February 21, 2014

Ukraine's simu-war is over, give peace a chance.

I noticed you're tweeting about a meet-and-greet contest to get to know some lucky fans. Another coincidence! Timing and circumstances made it deceptively simple to come see your show in Atlanta, so I wrote this on Feb 1st, "If you had a twinkling of appreciation for magic I would feel safer to come see you, especially after I bet the lotus farm I can turn you on!". Enter a parade of storms and dead celebrities, starting with Feb 6th's snow storm Orion... or I on. Are you already turned on? Following this track we'll never know, will we?  Do you believe in magic, playing us a doofus front for tv? If so, you're doing a better job at masking your illuminati heart than the Washington "democracy" think tanks who sloppily (or sneakily) leave all kinds of vanity trails tracing them to their war incitement disinfo. Did you see this classic?

Now I read that CNN announced 23 minutes ago the war is over. What a relief! The whole world is frustrated by mind fuckery.  Feb. 10th's ferocious snow storm Pax summed it up in one word. I didn't exactly dim the lights and pack up as I quipped in the last post, but for one night there, I contemplated changing the angel's name from Bill back to Paul.

Same time as Pax, the UK had a storm they called Darwin. They are light years ahead intellectually, seguing storm names with evolution!

On Feb 10th, the world bade farewell to Shirley Temple Black... surely temple black? Busy being married all these years to two men of mixed race, I don't even know! I love it here though, with all my Caribbean brethren. 

Then on Feb 12th, cake and ice cream... RIP Sid Ceasar, actual name Sidney Ceasar... Sydney, sees her? Freak me! If I can't take the perfect opportunity to come see you in the US... Sydney? No.

You wrote what by all accounts amounts to a sick joke making light of Philip Seymour Hoffman's recent overdose, unless it's seen through our reality warp. A loyal fan reminds you.

Shirley Temple, now Sid Ceasar - damn you heroin!
not very funny. that's ok I forgive you

Madame, you heroine? You know word games is pussy bait. I sent this after dancing all night:

I had fun at Club High Up tonight.

Later that morning I had a dream. I guess we're being shown too many gay guys making out on tv, the inculcation may be too much too soon... anyway I was dreaming I was a gay guy getting turned on by a fellow fashionista and it turned into hot sex, armpits were involved. Also we just had snow storm Quintus, and looking it up on Google was probably as traumatising as the actual storm. I bumped into this animated gif of a helicopter dick. It's too raunchy to show directly...  Interestingly, the actual Quintus storm pounded Cape Cod! You can't make this up.

Bactrack... you know how dream sex can be so overwhelmingly hot! The kind I love no matter the gender. Just upon waking I had a thunderous orgasm and I heard these words in my mind: "There, now I got it". Angel alert!

While I was sleeping, you sent:

Woa, Miley's new stage show is raunchy, simu-blowing Clinton! Shrinks say she'll keep acting out til she gives someone, somewhere a boner

Simu-blowing Clinton? Gotta love her! But why do I have doubts that gawky, skinny girl would give you a boner?

The day before, I had noticed TC Fourteen in some ocean somewhere. That very morning it turned into Guito. Gooey too. Even gooey toe is funny! Cracked me up all day... I tweeted right away:

I felt that! I'm gooey too.

That makes me wanna go out and do a photo shoot! I'm meeting Estelle this weekend.

You think I'm going to forget the best part? I saved it for last. How could I not jump on your joke from last week's show about getting beat up by C. Brown... again...? You look excited.

Two weeks ago around our fiftyish birthdays your New Rule segment was all about sex in nursing homes, a major pastime of aging Americans according to your statistics.

Last week, the topic was au courant once again. So no, I'm not coming to visit via nuanced invites. Even if I lose my mystery. I decided that in 2009, into the first year of code fu.

I had to look up witch terminology to tweet something about this. I honestly didn't think of myself as a witch, although if witchcraft and science are both rooted in nature, it has a rhyme and reason. I found 'scrying' and included it here:

If you weren't so bewitched you'd agree that time is just an illusion. a puff of smoke in scrying 101. Next life may be too soon.

I also found these nuggets of knowledge in Angelfire's witchcraft terminology site:

Blood of the Moon: A woman's menstrual cycle and her most powerful time, especially if it occurs on a full or new moon.


Triple Goddess: The one Goddess that encompasses all aspects: maiden, mother and crone.

Fascinating stuff!

Still, not as revealing as your last line about the 4 year old and the troll lurking behind the Bridgegate traffic meltdown. Even this New Rules analysis site included all your jokes word for word, but left out the bizarre troll and 4 yr old. The author correctly surmised it's irrelevant and not funny.

Unless... I'm the internet screen troll. Don't mind me, I enjoy being framed. Now the 4 year old who inspires the monstress mess each time, and is gooey too ... gotta find out who that is.