Sunday, October 12, 2014

Brought to you courtesy of anonymity

I do mean to sound flippant, what’s more important, Isis or the economy? Last week you devoted one skinny sentence to the amazing job recovery and went on and on about Isis, Ebola and Muslims.

Here’s my prediction from 2008.

Looks like Obama made a deal with the guys who own it all to realize the rights of gays worldwide, in exchange for going along with corporate asininity, which presidents do anyway. Just in itself, this is quite an accomplishment... and he's getting good press! What is going on?

LGBTs know the rest of the world has alot of catching up to do. As in... lovin the back shot! Bap bap! I'm a lesbian in training...

Yesterday night a big bolt of lightning took out my internet. Everything is on tilt, having to rely on a smartphone which took all day to activate on an island. I usually use a blue, mini antique which I love, and save myself for a 22 inch screen at home. That's what Nanas do.

I’ve even been quarantined from posting on Facebook! So I'm writing this in Notepad hoping the phone man will fix the line this week. It's not an easy thing here; I was helplessly praying and crying...until I figured out to use the smartphone as a hotspot.

Then I found out Juny may have a mistress! I can't believe it but I borrowed his phone and a lady in his contacts just hung up when I answered. I was about to write "I'm a lesbian in training since a year at Club Highup", but that cut me short and kind of blew my mind... I would find it hard to believe... if it wasn’t a great lead-in for Isis.

I just have one brother, Patrick. He's always called me sis, hence I sis. What's in a name? This is a soliloquy about ego -- I don't know what to write about ego, except that by my own reasoning it should slip off easily like my underwear. Which is fine, if that worked, and if I was still wearing underwear.  Honestly, I feel an over-inflated or conversely bruised ego is the real danger that’s not in the news, right up there with the environment.  This isn’t an easy one to face, and if the think-tank scribes could find a new name for the latest terrorist franchise, I would just as easily not think about it. That’s also why fame is totally unappealing. This year's prediction is that you’ll want the blog to remain relatively private, unless Rupert Murdoch buys HBO and you pull me from obscurity out of desperation. Not to worry, though… if all those weather jokes enable me to be a comedian’s comedian, ego it fit tight, like punany.

What about the actual terrorists, now starring American thugs?  Isis is assassin Utopia. Too smug with the media play they're getting, they’re even getting paid to let loose in all too perverse cinematography. And their leader is a certain al-Baghdadi? If that was his real name, such a media savvy terrorist would have called himself something else to avoid global smh. It’s all rife with word games, can all these be co-incidences? Colbert noticed it too.

Another frightful welfare queen is Ebola. The NIH is saying they'll likely have to vaccinate entire countries with experimental vaccines. Now that Glaxosmithkkkline is involved, bet the GOP approve billion dollar Ebola allocations.

The disease is transmitted from African bush meat. Here's one more good reason to get along with animals.

This hauntingly beautiful woman saved her family from Ebola with only garbage bags for protection. Surely people in the West seeing this can feel something for what African women have to go through?

Besides the ‘he beau la’ snag we covered last time, the word Ebola also stems from ‘ebo’ which is the root of ebony and ebonics… as in black, black, black.

On a psychological level I think this disease is a projection of negative racist emotions, not unlike Aids… and must play itself out to help cleanse them. The supposed cure for Ebola is Zmapp. Z is of course the code for zombie; the insinuation is they'd cover the map. It just looks terrible out there.

And no, I don’t want to jump into the Muslim female genital mutilation debate you had with Ben Affleck… although I wrote something about Turkey to defend your argument:

 "I was in Turkey, I stayed in a 4 star hotel and the toilet looked more like a urinal, definitely more suited for a man. Some gender equality."

I noticed your influence on the media's stream of concsiousness overrides the war lunatics’ headlines occasionally, like the day CNN criticized legal beheadings in Saudi Arabia. Of course what you say makes sense, I escaped from Algeria... send naysayers like Reza Aslan to North Africa and we’ll see how eloquent they are from there.

So I generally agree, except the rationale for circumcision escapes me and I enjoy equal opportunity religion bashing. It was nice to see some Judeo bashing in Religulous.

What I would like to highlight right now is another point from the same show, brought up by Sam Harris but quickly forgotten in the Muslim brouhaha. That’s the distinction between spirituality and religion. There's a huge difference of course, but there's more to it than that. Black people, women, gays, animals... all are taking their place in society, but spirits have rights too! The way I see it, spirituality is next up for emancipation.

Yes, spirits are people too! Or at least they were, and likely will be again. They deserve some respect and recognition, as do the fundamentals of spirituality. Take Joan Rivers for instance. Surely she’s wondering if she was really done in by government shortly after she told TMZ that Michelle Obama is a tranny. Bet you she’s floating around asking who you can sue from there. And does she ever have book sale timing... Love ya lady!


Is it time to get personal? Let me light one up.

You'll recall Silva, the Jamaican MC who somehow got into my head and became our son. He's still here. Both your angel and Silva’s are taking excellent care of me. Joan Rivers, read ‘join rivers’ is sending an encouraging departed celebrity message, leaving us with a nice promise of togetherness. Right around the same time as Joan's passing, tropical storm Norbert signaled ‘nor be hurt’. I’m delighted with the abundance of love I get from both your angels.  That’s the thing about angels, and why spirituality should be up next: Angel Love is strong and pure. I won’t tackle the subject of malicious entities, although I think they’re out there. It all comes down to self and whom we attract. If we are all one like Buddha says, then it really all comes down to self… even ego… yikes! Maybe a bit of equal opportunity Buddha bashing would lighten the mood.

So here at least, we seem to be getting along, and I even found out the lady who called Juny earlier is a no-phone-credit type who needs to be called back. Of course! How could I even think..

Then there were also two very nice storms… well, I don’t know how nice they were per se, but the names cooled me out and showed me peace is possible in my head, so why not everywhere?  First there was tropical storm Edouard  - est doux are – is gentle are – it sounds better bilingual... it’s poetry that way.  The same day spawned a storm called Kalmaegi  - calm a G. Around a week later there was Kammuri – calm, murrit – French for calm and matured.

The hidden storm is Odile. Barely minutes after my Sept 10th tweet about St. Maarten politics, tropical storm Odile formed. Ile is island, and odd describes us well!

Next week I'm going on a cruise with Damian Marley, Sean Paul and other Jamaican musicians. It's time to get away. Last night I smoked Canadian weed which was so embedded with GMOs it literally floored me. There should have been a warning not to operate machinery, the Jeep is still parked in Bay Highness. Today I find out it's also called chemo, supposedly designed by David Suzuki to counter side effects of cancer. That's the last time I touch shit from the mainland.

So what's new with you? In this status update from your Facebook page you look resigned to get beheaded by a Brown.

Here's the whole New Rules... we got readers in Ukraine.

We’re reading each other’s minds these days… your premonition may have been accurate. On a whim, I sent the blog to Ben Affleck and Sam Harris. Both super intelligent people with intriguing names...

I've been seeing a few signals to hurry up and finish this blog, including a storm coming straight at me.

Now that it's done the storm is steering away and has the name Fay - fait (silent t) is French for done!

Wow! Another one popped up. I'm sending this immediately!

It's gonna be called Gonzalo - gonz a l'eau - gone to the water on the Jamrock cruise! I hate waves by the way, hoping for a still and quiet sea from Miami to Jamaica and back. Luv u.

Finally, was that a flaming arrow about sugar tits right after my last blog of nudes?

I hear you… here’s the sugar clitters.