Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jellyfish for lunch?

The powers that be, or the powers that were, as aptly named in the recent 'Moment of Truth' conference with Greenwald, Dotcom and Assange... TPTW should just take taxpayers' money and waste it on arms without subjecting the people with endless calls to war. Just do it on the sly, we're going to waste it anyway. Now Ukraine is balling they need more arms to protect their freedom. The US govt just loves a fighter. And Isis, well, more on that in another blog... of course there's a mash up analogy there!

But today, I'd like to interpret the first thing you said after I sent the last blog. On Letterman you brought up our old friend, the jellyfish that eats oil for lunch. 

The first time was in a Feb 2014 New Rules.  You figured a joke about jellyfish exposing their nipples would squeak by comedic logic and send a signal for me to expose my softies. This time around you didn't even have to mix everyone up with jellyfish nipples, I'm already trained to respond to twice removed allusions. 

Here's the last part of Feb's New Rules:

And here's the Letterman show from Sept 8th: (update from Sept 25th... CBS made me remove the video in a scary youtube copyright infringement moment)

I answered the call to nipple last time, and it worked this time too!