Monday, December 1, 2014

Do i have a Lilitu on u?

On this St. Catherine's day, St. Louis is burning. As the media dissects Michael Brown's questionable shooting, they ignore daily accounts of cops murdering innocent victims in totally unbelievable crimes, like the lady who called the cops to help give her mentally ill son his medicine, and the fucker just shoots another black guy dead in the bathroom. Everyone finds out about it anyway on the internet. God, the cop's name is Brown, from Gretna, Fl. Another Brown? Great Na? WTF? I'm not even in the section about kinky word games yet and already we're making a mess.

After the slew of name associations following Michael's shooting,  most strikingly 'mic elle brown' which I interpreted as a call to resume writing, I'm once more reading between the lines of panic in the streets, even postponing some home improvement to get to work on this blog!

Add to that the recent death of director Mike Nichols, (mic nickel's)...  and you can see the reminders are at the point of getting rude. I may be barely a five, but we haven't reached the customary two month interval between posts... anyway, the Nichols pun is a collectible, so let's get to it.

Protesters burning down malls are playing right into the demands of the media. Looters star in action-reality tv. In this cynical arena does voting make you a corporate pawn as well? Going through official channels may be losing its luster, but what gives when 'hardcore' activists reject voting outright? As your guest Chloe Maxim of Divest Harvard says, we have to do more to draw attention to our cause, like civil disobedience, and fasting. Fasting? Did that work for her? Here's Chloe's civil disobedience blockade of the principal's office.

Others will light a torch.

I can relate to that.

In any case, put on shades and a trench coat and go vote. You'd think these people would use every means at their disposal. I tweeted Russell Brand something to that effect.

He didn't respond, of course, but the next day out comes cyclone Adjali - add Jah read ('li' is the verb to read in French). Jah!


We lost in the midterms, but by some weird political co-incidence several blue states didn't have senate races so Republicans got a victory-in-a-bubble. They enjoyed the chance gerrymandering for about a day until Obama announced 'checkmate' with immigration reform. Republicans look so dumb fighting that issue, good thing the Michael Brown verdict gave them some media respite.

Obama is taking care of everything on his list, while press secretary Josh Earnest deftly deflects criticism. And it's his real name. Obama's regime represents the crossover to feminine rule. I'm starting to think the President transcends gender; he's too smart to be a guy! And cute Josh, well, he eased right into the QE hole-in-one with this Freudian lisp, acknowledging creating money through quantitative easing is good for the economy - of global financial architects.


The winner of this month's transparency award, though, is Rula Jebreal. I won't even post the video where she attacks you with snarky quips like 'anti-semite'. Suffice it to say Middle Eastern women don't miss an opportunity to treat white American/European guys like shit, but cower before and bow down to their Middle Eastern masculine counterparts. Besides the obvious problems with religion, here's another reason why some Arabs are so aggressive (their despised cousins the Jews too, in their own way). Middle Eastern women are spoiling, over protecting and worshipping their boys & men while taking it out on foreign guys - I've seen this in my own family - that's why I didn't marry within my race.


We made it! We're at the part where I explain my version of events when I got hit by Gonzalo, the cat 3 hurricane. It was insane! Maaad, dem say.  Remember my tweet from that day?


A back shot, rrright! We got creamed. The forecast warned of a mere tropical storm. That's why no one put up hurricane protection. One confirmed fatality on the island, 40 boats and a dozen small planes crumpled. Lots of roofs got mashed up and FLOOD! My house had flowing rivers and gushing waterfalls down the stairs. We took refuge in the guest suite, a safe room with a concrete ceiling. Afterwards, a week of cleaning up, also ferocious. What happened there?

The satellite shot as he descends upon us. Looks like a winged whatever.

Gonzalo whipped us into submission from every direction, but today we're looking good in time for high season. I even got to go on the Jamrock Reggae cruise a week after the storm. He was just fuckin scary.

Why did it happen? I've been researching climate geoengineering; it seems that usually storms approaching from the Atlantic are doused in aerosols and break up in wind shear. We hadn't been hit by a hurricane since 15 years! Only a couple near misses... like Omar, the night I met your angel.

Here's a excerpt from an American Meteorological Society article.

Aerosol Effects on Microstructure and Intensity of Tropical Cyclones

Gonzalo formed right off the islands, so close it caught climate geoengineers off guard. It appeared so suddenly, in my opinion they didn't have time to spray it. That's also why they predicted only a tropical storm. At 125 mph top wind speed over the Lesser Antilles, cat 3 Gonzalo sneaked past technology!

Here's Urban Dictionary's take on Gonzalo:

At first I was thinking about the sugar clitters picture from the letter I had sent just the day before. Am I harassing you too much? Increasingly provocative images, a favorite pastime of mine, modesty giving way to graphics, hands up in the muthafuckin air like we just don't care... 

Then the real reason dawned on me. You had predicted the whole thing in this video from Sept 19th, after I told you about Silva, our new angel.

I've celebrated 22 anniversaries with an angel by my side, 7 of those with yours after you morphed out of Paul, my first angel. This time around, when Silva arrived, I willed that we keep our separate identities and get along splendidly. No morphing this time. Bill stays. This is experimental yet again... I bet there aren't too many girls enjoying more than one angel. By definition, possession doesn't like the concept of sharing. Except it's us and we're bold as love.

So when something like a Gonzalo hits, I have to wonder if we're pulling off the angel co-habitation scheme.

Remember my tweet about SAM as an acronym for Super at Masturbating?

On Oct 24th, after the storm, you seem to express skepticism at my angel sharing plan. You got the "I told you so' face.

Ok, here's the most likely reason we got hit by a hurricane, and it was not a flub on my part, although I'm actively practicing angel family planning from now on.

In the post from Aug. 27th I said this:

Well, the field positions changed after Gonzalo. It's only fair, how can a fiery angel be kept at a distance? Since Gonzalo, our new arrangement involves me belonging to both angels equally. How's that for an explanation? If that's what happened, I understand angel Silva's sensibilities. It's time we acknowledge his contribution and stop looking at him, bemused.

...starting with Silva Hype's accurate weather forecast:

Remember we're in the realm of angels here. I don't talk to Silva Hype; I dance, he hollers, we communicate publicly in Facebook with pictures, songs and comments. Barely more tangible than our petroglyphs. Still, I think he knows something. Probly alot more than he lets on... he seems to read my mind from the dj booth sometimes. I'm perfectly happy to scintillate in mystery over this one, although another promise I made to his angel is that I would send Hype this blog one of these days. It's going to be quite a while until I feel like doing that.

An me nuh gwan fuck im. You can read about that sorta thing in another blog. That would be an instant unhappy ending anyway, Juny seh, all fi dead! All I want is to give and receive love from ayu. Jermaine also has a beautiful wife. Vingadapaty says she'll stick with him 'no matter what' and I could see how that would be the only way.

Plus, let's face it, I'm too old to fuck around. Too mature emotionally, that is. 22 years of dancing with devils has helped me appreciate what's within my reach, and not miss what doesn't make sense. I guess most people who experience the incubus/succubus end up either longing for the person he/she identifies with, or worse, being afraid of the presence. Over here, such magical manipulation of my endorphins elicits true love, loyalty, family ties that bind.

I researched some mythological demons who sexually possess humans; I found several including Lilu and his feminine counterpart Lilitu - also known as Lilith, the Celtic Ganconer and Latin lover Trauco.

Did you know Lilith was Adam's first wife? When she demanded equality Adam went whimpering to Papa, so Eve was created out of Adam's rib to firmly establish wifey subordination. Lilith ran off with Samael the archangel. Looks like a Lilitu is handled more easily in a dream.

Throughout history, incubus/succubus have been painted as evil, unhealthy, eliciting night terror. This is certainly related to Christianity's absurd repression of sexuality. Finally I found this fun and accurate depiction:

The only all-important detail I still can't figure out is what do the guys, you and Silva, feel... if anything? This is a difficult one. When I imagine you might be feeling something similar to what I do, I usually go into denial.

Apply denial liberally to appease bizarre doubt. That's how I deal with the possibility you feel me like I feel you... and denial has been coming in handy lately. Denial makes the heart grow fonder.

And you, of course, are in denial about angels, magic and anything remotely spiritual.

Denial is like a comfy sofa, which I fell out of the other night when Silva Hype looked like he knew something about all this. If he acts too complicit, I'll just switch to your kind of denial.


On top of everything else, Gonzalo ripped apart my friend's roof while he was away. When he put me in charge of repairing the house I got the little nudge of financial freedom I needed to go on the cruise! Way mysterious.

After the hurricane I wondered how this boat ride would turn out. All of a sudden my wish for calm seas in the last post looked downright ridiculous and I worried it would have the opposite effect. I hate rough seas and generally avoid boats. 

The Oct. 20th cruise brought together two thousand reggae lovers with stops in Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. I decided to brave the waves for Damian, Stephen and Julian Marley, Bounty Killer, Baby Cham and an incredible dancehall lineup, but as the date grew near, media panic set in. On Oct 17th Ebola was found on a cruise ship and in Montego Bay.

This post is a joke about Jews wearing plastic coverings over their head as they fly over cemeteries, which of course is forbidden in Judaism. It's cool to see you do some equal opportunity religion bashing.


As if that wasn't bad enough, meteorologists forecast terrible weather right in our path. 

When we got on the boat I was still checking the weather blogs. A post on Wunderground had me nervously LMAO, as I read Hype had nothing to do with the looming storm. 

Okay Silva Hype, you had nothing to do with this one. Plus our new arrangement looks like it's working because cruise weather turned out to be perfect!

It was the best vacation, surrounded by freaks like us on a nicely decorated ship booming dancehall music. The ocean was so co-operative... I love twerking with the sea!

The only headliner who disappointed me was Sean Paul. In 2012 his girlfriend sued him for $80 million and tore him up in the press. Compared to how good he used to be, it looks like the pale Swedish witch also sucked the entertainment value out of him.

Here's some pictures

The chick on the right had one side of her head bleached blonde. The trend endures.


South Beach with art deco facades and designer interiors

After we got home there were a few interesting storm names which we don't need to go over one by one. There's been so much controversy around naming snow storms; we can review a couple of those. First Astro, the cute depiction I used for Asmo(deus) in the web page, followed by Bozeman - German for devil man.

...and Cato the commercially minded nor'easter who dissipated on time for Black Friday, as Brown Friday rocked Missouri.

Now we're waiting for the next one called, you guessed it, Damon. Besides the daemon disambiguation, it also means to tame in Greek. Highup!


According to scientist Michio Kaku, the internet will become alot like what I've been describing on this blog. He says "Computers as we now know them will disappear; they will be everywhere and nowhere, ubiquitous yet hidden, just like electricity and running water. The cloud will follow us silently and seamlessly, carrying out our wishes anytime, anywhere."... "As in science fiction, via the Internet we will be able to experience telepathy (mind-to-mind contact) and telekinesis (mind controlling matter), to upload memories, create a brain-net (memories and emotions sent over the Internet), and record thoughts and even dreams. Basic proofs of principle for all of this have been demonstrated."..."Facebook will be full of emotions and memories. Movies may offer emotions, feelings, sensations and memories, not just images and sound."

That sounds like science meeting spirituality. Angels make it happen right now.

Suffice it to say that if I can dance and blog my life away and the mortgage still gets paid, what we have here is a miracle.

And here's a Best of New Rules that has no esoteric significance, it's just funny!

By the way, tell Keith that Republicans in a bubble are also information-free bleach eating half-wits.

Diem Brown just passed away from chemo. A beautiful reality star who lived and died the American way. Here's one of her last tweets as she realized too late everything they sell on TV kills you.

Tell 'em Brown... yes, but I'm not pointing fingers, I leave that up to you since you do it so well. I'm wrapped up in culture too... the passing of another beauty, model Katerina Netolicka, brought home the point all too clearly that I had to tear myself from Facebook to stagger into Blogspot.

I just watched Argo, the Oscar winning movie directed by Ben Affleck. It's a true story. Acting under the cover of a Hollywood producer scouting locations for a science fiction film about a spaceship named Argo, a CIA agent launches a dangerous operation to rescue six Americans in Tehran during the 1980 U.S. hostage crisis in Iran. In the final moments of the actual ordeal there were no cops chasing them, but as they entered the Swissair plane the hostages saw the word Aargau printed on the nose of the aircraft. Aargeau is a town in Switzerland. CIA super-agent Tony Mendez recounts this in his own words in the NPR show "Argo: What Really Happened In Tehran? A CIA Agent Remembers"

That's exactly what I'm talking about! And coming from an American hero CIA agent... wow!


In closing I have to bring up Bill Cosby. We're up to 20 women now and his alma mater has excommunicated him in anticipation of the fallout. This one hurts. It's more than just a tragic letdown in tv land. I see it as another psychic backlash of racial tensions. After some powerful local kush, I also saw the word Bill. Bill cause be. Shakespearian, no less. This is a question! Fill in the blank. Bill cause be... After 8 years of toying, here comes psychoanalysis. What differentiates Cosby, your fellow comedian like Williams, is that he is very much alive. Being dragged through the gates of Hades fully conscious, ouch.

Is his ego tight enough to withstand our customary challenge?

So... your cause be? Protecting the environment, advancing social justice, mocking Republicans, decrying religion and all forms of spirituality... Wait, my sixth sense tells me you look unhappy sometimes. Is it because deep down you long to come out in favor of spirituality, au naturel, so easy to love?


UPDATE: The same morning, soon after I sent this blog to you, you posted your own blog. Here it is. I still say, denial makes the heart grow fonder.