Thursday, March 14, 2013

Million Dollar Pee

The vaporizer finally arrived. I changed the order to a portable Solo Arizer with stealth adapter. The ingenious design invites vaping at the police station.

Before I head out, secure in the knowledge the island already reeks of a pungent weed aroma, I've been practicing a little at home with the water bubbler attachment - to moisten the mist. And guess what? Besides a pleasant modulation from photo realism to pastels, there were no dread effects! March 7th's snow storm Triton, the day after I vaped, confirmed the positive review: T R IT ON tea are aight on! I'm taking a few days off before I replicate the experiment. And just now, out pops Cyclone Tim off Australia  - Tea I Aime...tea I love -  but the first thing that came to mind was a local retail manager named Tim who lost a sizeable deal last week because he's on island time --day after day--- leading me to just skip over to Amazon.

In the interim, I maintain my writing chops, for no one in particular. Snow storm Luna from the end of January  - Lu in french is read - confirmed that nah, no one's reading. Even mount Etna blew up on January 21st... est in french means is...  est nah! So what does it feel like to be dead? Relaxed, in no hurry, like the mountains that surround me... March 2nd's snow storm Saturn summed it up well: sat urn. Even the news of a clever internet start up to send your tweets for you after you die didn't elicit a post-mortem peep from me. With the blogging schedule so slimmed down, ma meilleure amie Estelle and I went to Le Galion Beach for a beautiful afternoon of sun and sand, lined with curious lace motif chemtrail skies. The next day we noted cyclone Sandra near Australia. We like the analogy to Ra, the sun god.

January 23rd's Cyclone Peta also elicited a smile. At the time I was doing research to set up an advertising campaign to fix street dogs...

PITA is also a nickname Juny gave me, which stands for Pain in the Ass... I guess it made perfect sense, at the time he was making mosaics for me and spraying my desk, chair, dining table base and chair legs with car paint... even the fan housings!

I wonder if Bill thinks I'm a PITA? In 2011 I also took the year off, I'm sure I had a great reason to revolt back then too... I returned to his Twitter feed on Feb 23rd, 2012. That day he anounced his million $ donation to Obama's campaign by tweeting, 'Just for shits and giggles, what do u think my surprise anouncement is at the end of #CrazyStupidPolitics?' I answered 'Someone peed on your leg', proudly reclaiming my territory. This time it'll take more than a million dollars to resurrect me. For instance, I'd be impressed if a European nation were to institute a national bank and buy back their debt from the European Central Banksters... just like comedian Beppe Grillo promises to do if he's able to capitalize on his enormous popularity in Italian politics. That's evolution: a comic taking satire straight into the executive branch and implementing common sense... In the meantime of this unlikely eventuality, last week Bill perked my attention with a lament about how everyone used to be anti hurricanes... now why would he say that? Of course, nowadays hurricanes have so much more to offer... and then he lands a double/double play on words from Lincoln's speech, about how a gov't cannot endure half slave and half wit... except who could be governed by Bill's thrills and chills full time?