Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Not Mt. Loko

My angel killed it with snow storm Saturn (sat urn as in ash vessel, symbolizing my sudden disappearance) I couldn't stop laughing! Today I'm erupting into giggles again with Mt. Lokon volcano's 2000 meter plume and last week's snow storm Ukko -you kk oh! Lokon - elle ok, on.

I was first introduced to kk, instant message slang for okay, or more specifically ok cool, by my stepdaughter Franki. She's a gorgeous girl who teaches me about computers. I'm sure her adorable daughter Sahara will be teaching us more kewl code!

Making sure she's perfectly bilingual #English #Sight #Words #Extra #MotherKnowsBest #Daughter #Bonding #Dope #Kid #Mini #Genius #Raising #Einstein #Happy #Learning #Teaching #InstaGreat #InstaFun #InstaGood


In case you're wondering why I don't get hit by swarm of locusts since I've stopped writing Bill, I was wondering the same thing. My angel reassured he wants me to come back on my own, when I'm ready... I'm really happy to hear this... nevertheless here's last week's New Rule.

Not long after "has anyone seen my cat?" here's "please Jesus..."

The whole thing is here if you'd like to get some big laughs and find out how he plugs it into context.

Note the very same shit kicker conservatives have been threatening quantitative easing would destroy the economy by sheer weight of inflation, yet it's got the US stock market humming along, so we can try to catch up with the Chinese government - who similarly creates funds to stoke its economy.

Sometimes, the shit is too big to kick around.

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