Thursday, April 11, 2013

Comfy in the old paradigm pajamas

After a quiet couple weeks, there are two cyclones between Australia and Africa. First, cyclone Imelda, pronounced ee - mehl - dah... Him Elle Da. I understood it like a question "Although you've stopped communicating, are you still on good terms with Bill?" I exclaimed to my angel, "Yes of course!... although we know these things can take time and I may have to stalk him silently into the next life."

Ok, so I still have the deepest love for him although I'm not ready to tweet. At the same time Imelda was named, a low also developed in the same area. The next day it became tropical cyclone Victoria. I answered "I do" and he exclaimed Victory Ah!

Better yet... now the States is getting snow storm Walda - wall da... yes... there is a wall around my heart, my g-spot and my blogspot. As my friend Estelle suggested, the Berlin wall came down, and so will this one, soon enough!

Bill's tweet:

With my homey Downtown Julie Brown at my Easter party last night.

Is this analogy even crazier than all the meteorological intimacy? If I could rise above rational thought and believe for one second he orchestrated the picture with Julie Brown to nudge me from my slumber... I would re-emerge, brazen, unconstrained and topless!

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