Friday, August 12, 2016

Maaaad a road!

First off, and this is for you, Hillary.  While Trump and his media empire are suggesting you should get shot, I’d like to see if we can work together. The planet is recklessly mismanaged. Besides the hangings that aren’t taking place for your buds imposing austerity while heaping trillions in shadow banking, there are issues that you CAN tackle. For one, the world is painfully overpopulated. I see it around me in the Caribbean. The church's mantra of ‘go forth and multiply’ sounds like a war slogan against the third world. If these kids can learn about phones, they can be acquainted with contraception. And not by scaring people with mosquito head Zika children as Bill Gates messes with genetically modified mosquitoes, but by honestly outgrowing Christianity's insane ban on contraception. Fortunately, it looks like Christianity is expendable in the corporate scheme of things. Obama successfully defied religious homophobia. Your mark of faith to regain our trust could be simply spearheading a worldwide effort towards awareness of safe family planning. The New World Order wants population control, why not attempt to do it honestly?

There is love everywhere, people should be encouraged to look around before procreating, again. Or does the ego driven urge to perpetuate genes get in the way? Here in the Caribbean women don't even know about contraception! Of course I probably think differently than many of them. If they want to have lots of needy kids… fine. I don’t ever remember being a virgin either. True story. Here’s how I told it in 2000, under the username V Eternelle.

"Mademoiselle Eternelle realized she wouldn’t be playing by the rules when she lost her virginity at the age of 4. In a genuine accident, she slipped in the bathtub and landed straight down on a bottle of Johnson’s "No More Tears" baby shampoo. Mr. and Mrs. Eternelle, horrified, rushed her to the emergency room. One of the first memories of V’s young life was a scene of white suited men surrounding her gurney, frowning and shaking their heads regretfully. To minimize the damage, V’s dad asked the doctor to sign a certificate attesting that V’s virginity was still legal tender, although technically there would be no more tears of soft tissue in that area."

My father was always perfectly correct with me. If anything he wasn’t around much after the certificate became useless… I was running wild in my teens. I realized I was never really a virgin at 13, the first time I was penetrated by Larry Burger while Hendrix sang Little Wing.  It might be Berger.

So, I was charmed recently when a media poem alluded to my virginity, lol, after I tweeted Jay Z… this is what today’s big adventure is all about.

Ou est virgin he ah!? Where is his virgin? Flattery will get you everywhere.

It started on June 19th after I saw Lemonade. Beyonce is in equilibrium and at the top of her game. With songs like Formation, she uses glamorous symbolism to resonate as loudly as our mind control media @ CNN. Her movie Lemonade has all kinds of esoterik kibbles, extensively covered in satanic youtube videos, so I sent her and Jay Z this blog.

Note that I sent it to both of them... because I’m satisfied and happy with a husband and two angels. Is it supposed to get easier after all these years to write this blog? It’s getting harder right now. As I may have mentioned, a lifetime’s worth of overexposure to other worldly pleasures with angels has made me very sensitive. Chemically and electromagnetically hypersensitive. Although I manage the condition quite well, after 23 years of angelic bliss I became reluctant to make love to the angels because it wore me down physically, or so I thought. I wrote about it in August 2015.

Who knows, besides being completely unrealistic about the charm not working a third time, I may be slightly hypochondriac as well. It’s hard to say what is more physical or emotional, as these environmental illnesses aren’t well researched. Anyway, the angels decided to do a test on me this time. They conjured up some killer poetry to get some pussy!

Over the years these mysterious beings have co-opted your personality and Silva’s to entertain us, but Who or What are They, really? My friend Estelle says I attract magic like radar, so these poetic synchronicities may be bouncing back from myself! These deep questions are what I’m trying to decipher by writing, in the highly unlikely event someone out there knows whodunit.

The take away from all this is that the bounce with Jay Z is finished and we’re back to the same husband and two angels… But I won’t tell you how until the end of the story.

The same day I sent the tweet to Jay and Beyonce, June 19th, I see this tweet on what is now commonly known as his main Twitter account. When I looked up @jayzclassicbars, it looked legit enough. I notifced Jay’s other one, mr. carter, had been abandoned except for supplications to use his Tidal streaming service. With over 400,000 followers including @KingJames and plenty of validation in entertainment news sites that this is in fact Jay Z’s address, I figured that if it wasn’t him, at least an interesting person was behind it - and they were saying hello in classic Media Poem style.

Besides prancing in clubs, I've been an interior decorator for 15 years. Just about ready to retire!

At this point I was still observing and musing on the cool co-incidence – until Anton Yelchin got run over by his own Jeep. I brought up the cryptic connection with Anton in a tweet… how I, the ass chin, could open my big mouth again by yelling the blog to Jay and Bee. 'Ane' is ass in french and ton, yell, chin... those words speak for themselves. My maiden name, Bismuth was sometimes mispronounced 'big mouth' when I was a kid. There you go.

In this tweet I refer to you, Bill, and King James is our other angel, who is still Jermaine Silva Hype James, the MC at Club High Up.

For those who may be just joining us, it's noteworthy to mention that many celebrities have died lately with interesting word games in their names... word associations that are relevant to our Media Poem. The February 2016 entry is packed with them, but it goes as far back as 2013. The angels use names in the news to speak to us. As opposed to numerology, this resembles onomastics, the occult study of names. I've noticed it since 1993 and have a strong instinctive feeling my job is to keep writing everything down, so I do it. It seems I am alone in this field of research, but as you will see, the evidence is overwhelming. If you keep reading this blog, you'll find 9 years of constant 'co-incidences' just like âne ton, yell chin.

Look at what else Jay Z tweeted on June 19th. Anton's Star Trek? Do you wanna ride? A Jeep?

Dead celebrities have been the main channel of communication for the past couple months, but it's also been storm names, and about to become crime scenes, as you will see.

Here’s the mind control suggestion of June 22nd. 'Enter the matrix'. Remember, the angels are flirting to get some pussy.

I guess you can say I freaked out and got seduced by the imagery. Bill, remember when I wrote to you about Jay Z back in August 2009?

Now Jay Z. He’s the rap prophet yes- street swag, pillow lips… but there’s a giant disconnect. Not because women’s minds don’t really mean anything to him, but because his music has no fuck appeal. Neither does Kanye for that matter. Setting lyrics aside for a moment… the beats, the hooks, the melodies, that’s what gets me squealing with delight. Who does? Akon, Luda, Timbaland, Weezy, Rihanna, even Black Eyed Peas. Here’s Project Pat.

June 23rd was the date of the West Virginia floods. 'Ou est virgin he ah?' The name still makes me blush.

Between the Jay Z tweets and this touching virginity poem with a tinge of nostalgia, I fell right for it this time. I admit I contradicted myself like a fool about Jay Z's music and lyrics! They lured me in. Angel sex lasted the whole day; I was in a dream induced zone where I literally lost control of my body to the Source. Health consequences weren’t even considered. I must be getting better too, cause the fallout was minimal. I felt possessed and loving it. I don't know who is fucking me when this happens, but personally I know I don't masturbate like that... it just takes over me. The angels are here all the time, and I call them Bill (after you Bill Maher, and Silva after our Jamaican multi-talented MC from High Up Club in St. Maarten). In 1993, when this started, I taped an episode of angel sex. Back then the angel identified with Paul, aka DJ Kiss, a local DJ on St. Maarten. The only voice you hear is mine. This is sensitive material, not safe for work!

Besides badass sex and being the most loving angels who take excellent care of me, they like to communicate via the media. They keep finding new ways of coming across in the news, and lately we've seen them adopt the personality of musicians to turn me on. @jayzclassicbars is a fun example. Remember the time (June 4, 2015 entry) when they channeled Jamaican dancehall demon Tommy Lee Sparta? And how I refused to accept him as a third angel? Similarly to how I was able to wrestle free from Sparta's influence back then, I was rescued from Jay Z's this time too. As I've stressed many times, I don't want them to identify with many people, I'm happy with you and Silva. That's as many as I can handle in my head!

So here I am again, fighting the feeling of getting involved with someone new on a metaphysical level – you know I’m very happy with you and Silva – and I promised to practice angel family planning. You’re the angels I’ve grown accustomed to... has marriage syndrome set in? How can you tell with angels? All we do love and adore each other. Yet the Authors had tapped a flowing source of poetic communication. Wait till you see the hoops they had to jump through to seduce me this time.

After 'ou est Virgin he ah' I caught wind of a storm called Daniel - Dan he elle. One of those 'day after' comments!

And Jay Z chimed in soon after...

By this time I was convinced this guy Jay Z was in Becky mode. Beyonce made that line famous in Lemonade's jealous rants.

I started posting pictures of my hair, lol.

Here's my favorite hairdo, courtesy of my late husband, percussionist Don Alias.

I sent you a dance video and copied @Eurosteff, a friend Jay was supposedly staying with. By then I stopped tweeting him directly, sensing I was entering dangerous married man territory, smh.
I acknowledged him in this video. It was June Carter Cash's birthday... lol Mr. Carter.

Video excerpt:

The thing palmed in the picture was my signature two fingers, all the way up, of course!

Remember, I had sent him this blog. The last entry had an observation about Boutros Boutros Ghali who died right after my internet friend Rose sent me a comment. Ghali is one of the (by now dozens) of celebrities who died in synchronicity with our angelic communication.

The next day he hit again.

Boutros Boutros, 'Bout it 'Bout it... Is this poetic communication, or what? Question is, with whom - Jay Z?

So I cautioned about writing dirty. That thing I catch you doing once in a while, to my great delight.

Check he:

Come and get me?

Along with what seemed like another reflection on this blog's unique narrative:

Of course, I live on an island:

I have a feeling he's as wicked as Beyonce describes in Lemonade. That's why I married a mechanic.

I can't include all the relevant tweets, cause it's time to get into the accompanying ultra-violence that popped up in the news.

Starting with the June 27th news about a horrific shooting in Katy, Texas. The Mom, on meds (courtesy of the 'health care system') killed her two daughters to make her husband suffer. My first name is Katy, their last name was Sheats... cheats? Is this a reflection of my ambivalent feelings about taking on a new angel?

I presented the Katy murders in a tweet announcing we're 'On to the Next One'. I had just heard that great song by Jay Z.

Couple days later, another mirrored expression, "On to the next one"

Wow! As I write I just received an email...

Things just went downhill from there. July 2016 will be remembered as the summer of terror, with attacks all over the globe. Every single one is easily tied into the story.

I like playing with song titles. Here's my 'I Got the Keys' picture.

We're skipping over quite a few synchs, but Silva gets a whole section later to cover most of those.

When I go to the club, I get all worked up and must run home to fuck my husband Juny. Music is absolutely an aphrodisiac.

The day after taking this picture, Bangladesh got hit with a heinous crime. It's hard to imagine how five Isis murderers could hatchet 20 people to death in minutes. They chopped up these poor souls at Holey Artisan Bakery, picking out those who couldn't recite the Qu'ran. The other thirteen or so were released and have to live with the memory of what happened.

When I saw bang and lad, I immediately googled esh. Lo and behold, esh is donkey in Armenian! Repeatedly we've seen coded communication using the word âne, French for donkey/ass. Wouldn't be surprised if we learn donkey in all kinds of languages as the story unfolds.

Bang lad esh. I knew it was...

Besides being a 'poetic' review of our sexcapades, events like this beg further scrutiny, as the internet searches to understand the true extent of the illuminati. Trump has hijacked the news cycle with his cryptic statement that Obama and Hillary are the founders of Isis. Without being its founders or MVPs, they are certainly caught up in something. It's well known Western defense and corporate interests took down several countries in the Middle East, most recently during the Arab Spring. It's also widely acknowledged the planet's leaders indulge in enabling and promoting all kinds of terror activities and shootings to further their mind sway agenda, notably for gun control. In my unique position, it's evident the Illuminati is behind all this, in breathtaking, even supernatural ways. They are so beyond ordinary comprehension that to them all this is ok! Just public service announcements in the language the public responds to - ever worsening violence.

That being said, there is lots of video evidence out there that crimes heavily covered by the media are faked in some ways, but I checked all over the internet; there is no credible proof this is anything but a barbaric hatcheting of restaurant patrons. Seems in the Middle East there is no need for staging.

Next clue:

Here's the video in question about the storefront in 'I, Pet Goat II' having the same features as the Pulse nightclub in the Orlando shooting scene. That crime is on our menu too, but we're saving it for angel Silva, lol.

Why do they both have the same round window? The Orlando shootings were supposed to be committed by a lone wolf. And now the Holey Artisan Bakery storefront in the Bangladesh attack as well. To add a deeper layer to the conspiracy theory, the round window storefront was originally seen in the movie 'Pet Goat too', a title that brings to mind our new angel vying for attention! That's what inspired me to send this tweet.

G.O.A.T stands for greatest of all time, an acronym afforded to superstars like Michael Jordan and Jay Z.

Not to be outdone, he hit back later that night.

The 'I like it rough' type? Classic angel talk. The same day, July 3rd, a massive bomb detonated in Baghdad and killed over 300. Did I bag Dad?

On July 2nd he even took a swipe at playing the name game. Check Rob (ert)

Jay... here, look how it's done: Rob hurt dear, (from the Nov 24, 2015 entry). The Planned Parenthood murder setting also plays into our story... angel family planning, after the Tommy Lee Sparta episode:

And what about this one?

After the Baghdad attack, more terrorism rocked the cities of Medina, Jeddah and Qatif on the 4th of July.

Qatif alone had me well perplexed... I am known as Cat. The presence of Jay's angel knocking on my door left me wondering how I would keep my angel family planning vow. Here's how your angel explained it. Jeddah stands for 'I yes', you think it's ok to let Jay in (Je is I in French), Medina - me say nah ('dit', silent T is 'say' in French) stands for Silva refusing him and Qatif is my opportunity to say how this could be possible.

What instantly comes to mind, especially in Jay's rap culture, is spirituality vs materialism. Specifically, the healthy notion of non-attachment, which allows one to enjoy wealth without getting all fucked up over amassing it. I like to say, 'If you don't have it, you don't miss it; find your joy elsewhere.'

So I brought it up with Jay Z, who seems firmly entangled in the trappings of wealth.

His latest venture, the Tidal streaming service, competes with Spotify and is touted as a way for artists to enjoy the full benefits of their royalties. From the time he put it up for sale hoping Apple would bite, it became a get richer quicker scheme - a hustle - to show how he could pull a Dr. Dre 'Beats' headphone stunt. Apple hasn't jumped on it because information is fast becoming free in the digital age. Jay and Beyonce are already making the most money of any entertainment couple, thanks in large part to D'USSÉ, his brand of cognac. Why not let go of charging for what's essentially free, and focus on selling something other than digital information? It's a dead end. He's got Kanye begging Apple to negotiate the acquistion of Tidal. That's not how it's done. I tried posting the dance video above on Facebook. It has Damian Marley's music and FB rejected it because of copyright issues. Rejecting a dance video, does that make sense? Damian is on Tidal and I suspect Jay Z is stressing over this business, maybe trying to restrict access to his artists' music. I offer this advice: leave the information age alone and sell your brand name on hard goods. Beyonce has sheer mastery over the live show environment, that's how money is directly made from music. I spend my entire life writing without receiving much direct feedback. Information is meant to be freely accessible.

One more thing. His Roc Nation label is signing musicians like the hillbilly metal group Korn, Rita Ora (who sued him when she didn't sell many records) and some Nigerian singer. Although I enjoy Young Paris, Roc Nation's latest protégée, the next phase of hip hop is inspired by Jamaican reggae and dancehall. It's so obvious down here in the Caribbean. That's where the talent is.

Anyway, as you would expect, after my 'What's more important, Spotify or Pussy? tweet of July 4th, Jay Z came back with this on July 5th.

And then this on the 6th:

What I preach makes sense but it flies in the face of what the consumerism industry would like you to think, so I stayed quiet. What can I do but shut up? One thing's for sure, no one is getting angel pussy behind any of this!

At this point the terror switched from Isis in the Middle East to cop terror in the US. I had to speak up about it! I've noticed this pattern before in previous posts. There were two highly publicized shootings by cops. The victims were Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Believe me, I think cop violence is completely out of control. It's so disgusting, it seems unreal. Especially in light of all of this.

Here's how I read the name Alton Sterling... completely resonant with our discussion on spirituality.

I've called God 'All' since I was sixteen and read the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which converted me from an Atheist to a Buddhist philosophy. All is everything, and that's how close we've come to understanding the concept of God.

Meanwhile, Philando Castile's name association described my feelings perfectly. Feel and do castle. I was planning a vacation at the castle of Alhambra in Granada, Spain, and tweeted about it back on June 29th.

God spear life is a play on words on God spare life, an expression we use in the Caribbean to say 'God willing'. I used it here to answer Jay's tweet alluding to Devils causing the chaos described in the blog.

Tibetan philosophy is based on the concept there is no good and evil dichotomy, no difference between God and the Devil, just more or less ignorance or awareness. 'As above, so below' is not a threatening satanic phrase, it's a reflection of the divine in everything. This is a complicated discussion, but I'm trying to show another angle to all these horrible events. Everything is not as it seems, so why suffer over what we don't fully understand? Especially when corporatism is trying to rip us apart emotionally, to break us down so we'll agree with everything they say.

By then, was I ever ready to feel and do castle!!!!

I'm skipping over a couple crimes and a few clues, but this could go on and on...

Little did I know the most incredible thing was about to happen. I noticed Jay Z and Beyonce were in the south of France for Bastille Day, and the fireworks had been cancelled in their location due to high winds. I took it as instant karma for his diss of my spiritual notions.

So I sent this flickering spark as consolation.

 Antibes is only 22 minutes drive from Nice, where the next terror attack was to strike, on the following day.

Jay Z's tweets looked like this on July 13th, before the attack:

And this... also right before the attack.

I drove by a fork in the road and went straight? #Renegade? Later that day, a truck drove straight through a crowd and killed dozens.

Here's his reaction late July 14th:

Right around the Nice attack,... the nice attack... give me a break... I sent this one to lighten the mood, and test the reaction.

Couple hours later... I guess someone noticed the jewelry?

Then I finally got to go on the much needed castle vacation. Interestingly, the castle we visited is called Alhambra, meaning red in Arabic. As I arrived in Spain, cops got shot in Baton Rouge, meaning red stick in French.

Here is the red stick.

Photo from Flickr, by:

At least the city of Granada doesn't indulge in the illuminati ritual of lighting the castle different colors depending on the headlines of the day. This place is right out of history and unspoiled by modern methods of emotional indoctrination.

As I write this, I see Baton Rouge is in the news again, this time for an epic flood.

Here's a couple more pictures from Spain.

It was a walking vacation!

This last one is from Flickr, by:

I tweeted much less while I was away. Here's what came up, something about drought.

I offered some respite with a preview of the upcoming blog.

His next tweets were both funny and infuriating. Following the Media Poem monsoon announcement, I could see he didn't want me to cover all this in the blog.

I shot back with this, appropriately timed after the Republican Convention but meant for @jayzclassicbars. I was upset. I hate censorship. That's why I like hovering under the radar. By then I had no intention of writing about this in the blog, but as you will see, something made me change my mind at the end.

Then July 25th, a shooting in Fort Myers reminded us I'm as strong as ever 'Maher's'. Fort is strong in French.

He didn't miss a beat, raising a glass to our rhymes.

I felt better about conversing, and offered:

Look what he wrote a few hours later. This turned into a soul searching conversation:

I broke into my usual lament that no one cares about magic... that's the chip I carry.

He blamed you, William Maher Jr., for the lack of feedback to my blog. Keeping it under wraps so to speak, lol.

He also blamed fame. He IS a gossip magnet.

By then I had decided to turn my attention to other rappers, including a friend of Bankroll Fresh, the rapper who died at the same time my finances were finally straightened out. His name is Juicy J, go figure. I really like his music.

@jayzclassicbars was still working on me, with tweets like:

And imaginary player...

... as well as mental telepathy.

The result? I cracked and gave the Jay Z angel all the pussy he desired on July 30th. Then I realized that @jayclassicbars doesn't reflect anyone's thinking. It's a bunch of lyrics that are re-run every couple months!!! The same tweets, in the same order can be found starting in February 2016. Here's a couple examples:

It's unbelievable! I got mind fucked by a program. I decided to write about it since it can't possibly implicate anyone... except the angels.  Lol, that's what it takes to get some angel pussy nowadays. Here's what I saw after the con, on July 30th.

On August 1st the darling angels surrendered, as made evident with historic flooding in Ellicot - elle he caught.

And as I edit this post a few days after describing it as a con, I notice this: Maulama Akonjee? Maul a Ma. A con. Gee! Half the websites also spell the slain Muslim cleric's name Maulana Akonjee, which works just as well since An A (an A hole) is our long running gag.

Let me rephrase this. I forgive the angels for setting me up with a program. That's how much I'm in love. It was not a con... gee!

At least we know he's not gay.

I have to admit, after the whole thing happened I got so upset I even deleted two or three of my tweets. Luckily I archive everything, so I had them saved.

The angels will undoubtedly try something else next time, they are always finding fresh ways of playing with us.

Not only was communication on fleek, the lyrics were completely a propos with current events! This one came out right after the Medina, Jeddah, Qatif and Baghdad bombings.

And this one after Philando Castile and Alton Sterling were shot by cops.

Yet these tweets were also recycled... I checked.

On July 16th I noticed a sign you were wondering what the hell was going on, when right after the Nice road rage attack, a similar incident happened on a smaller scale in Williamsburg - William's burg - Bill's turf - as a drunken cop plowed people on the sidewalk.

I also thought I heard you sound off about my tweets to Jay Z on the June 24th monologue, lol! As we've seen throughout the years, anytime you say 'Cat', or Brown, my first and last names, I interpret a hidden meaning.

In the July 21st Convention Edition you seemed to inquire about all the violence we were experiencing overseas during the Qatif/Bangladesh/Baghdad episodes.

By the end of the story, in the July 29th New Rules, I could tell you were getting worried about all my fruity tweets...

If nothing else, the synchronicities in this blog reinforce the mounting evidence pointing to false flag events. It's becoming blatantly obvious many crimes are orchestrated by 'higher powers'. One of the clues researchers point to is that high media coverage crimes usually happen during an active shooter drill or rehearsal. Even 9/11 happened while NORAD was on alert for emergency exercises.

Here's a smack in the face of false flag theory researchers. A woman was killed by a cop during one of those drills! Talk about a self-reflexive clusterfucklet.

I would be remiss not to point out she was pronounced dead at a Fort Myers Hospital.

Fort Meyers - Strong Maher's... such a nice poem. My favorite!

But I have always believed there should be poetic justice, not just poetic mayhem. On July 1st I lamented all the experiments we've been conducting these past years should have led to some kind of magical intervention during the elections - Pussy Logic - but that was not to be when Bernie was shut out by the Dems. Evidently I'm not running things as I previously expressed the desire to do.

Did I hear you say something about failed experiments?

You have to admit this is not an easy mystery to tackle. So far I'm not getting much help from the outside world. And I have to find a way to make all this orchestrated chaos entertaining to read. As long as I'm amused, we keep digging...

The failed experiment rant resonated because two days after your New Rules aired... Elie Wiesel died - he lie, wise elle.

During a gathering to commemorate him in Central Park, someone got his foot blown off in what the media called an 'experiment'.

Punctuated by hurricane Blas(t) on the same day.

Alas, no poetic justice. So far we're only getting comedic justice, like this best-of-the-best July 29th New Rule on the Clinton Mafia. With all the fresh Clinton related conspiracy theory killings in the news lately, looks like she's following your advice.


In other news, on New Rules June 17th, I noticed a wink about my last post, when I brought up the Eastergate controversy of your visit to my Facebook page....

For our newbie guests, my last blog post included this story.

You also made a point to bring up this interesting masturbation synch about Bobby Brown having sex with ghosts.

I think this next headline is really something, though...

Kate, moll grew? Not that much... anyway, thick is in! The part about the cage/bottle is the frosting on the cake.

Same New Rule, right after Jeannie...

We're still pinging on that one? From one of my recent posts:

I haven't met my photographer Estelle for a while, but I found some Danish for you!

Estelle did get a complimentary storm, which caused no damage of any kind. We'll have to get together for a photo shoot with La Grande Dame!

I love your 'I Dream of Jeannie' New Rule!


To keep things rolling, I sent this to Gucci Mane, recently out of jail and looking great!

The same day, I Googled 'multiple personalities making love to each other', just to double check if our situation in any way resembles the diseases of modern medicine. Nope, no resemblance with us! What I did find though, is a very interesting lady who teaches shamanism. I sent her the blog. Her name is Dr. Gucciardi! Gucci hard he, lol!!!


Now for the kitten. I've been going nuts in the club. When a live act comes in from Jamaica, it's an excuse to show off even more, so I responded to local artiste Baja Banton's advances at the Gully Bop concert on June 11th. Dancing with girls is one thing, but breaking all the rules to rub up on a local celebrity was the next level I needed to attain that night. I haven't had much contact with Baja since then... it was only showbiz, like I explained in the tweet.

Silva is my other angel... repping Jermaine Silva Hype James, the DJ who's right in front of me while I dance. The next day, I saw something else happened between 2 and 4 that night. Omar Mateen killed 50 people in a gay nightclub. If not the worst shooting in US history, definitely the worst homophobic hate crime.

The name of the shooter, Omar Mateen, is a direct lament, no deciphering necessary... from Silva's angel to yours. Oh Maher, Ma teen!

What, what, what!?! I'm just having fun. Not unlike the angels' not-a-con.

All I know is that this blog will be ready and beamed to both of you before hurricane season. I still feel Silva... I know I entertain him. Each time I run out of the club, I try to forget everything that happened in dere, lol. It's actually quite easy, as I'm often high and living in the moment. That's also the great thing about having angels. They keep you grounded in the moment. They call my name, Pussy, and all my thoughts fade into the present as we check how we're feeling and what we're doing... it's pleasant. I know I'm not easy, but I think his angel is here to stay; it's a bond stronger than humans can understand. There's such a deep current running through my encounters with the island of Jamaica. There has to be magic!

A flaming arrow in this synch is the homophobia he shares with his country people. Here he is mouthing off.

Hating gays doesn't make sense, really. Even reportedly gay Jamaican artiste Elephant Man was lucky enough to stay out of jail, while his colleague Vybz Kartel is incarcerated for life. Eli was about to go to court on a rape trial when his accuser died mysteriously two days before the trial date, a la Clinton, and the charges were dropped. We never did find out how she died. It looks like he's getting away with it; he's out there partying like maad. So who's 'smarter', straight dude Vybz or Queen EL?

Anyway, Silva has such an angel face, I understand he'd have to try harder to keep guys away!


So... this is poetic injustice. Looks like that's the moral of our story. You remember this excerpt from the Nov. 2015 entry explaining the Hegelian Dialectic philosophy? I suggested the Hegelian concepts of conflict, coercion and consensus are evident in the New World Order's highly publicized terror, which is orchestrated to indoctrinate the masses.

In this post I also mention how Saul Alinsky, Obama and Clinton's mentor, based his philosophy of effecting radical change on the very same principles.  So I asked Obama to please spare us all this coercion and take us into the resolution phase. Here's my plea to him:

The answer from the Illuminati came in loud and clear when a little boy was devoured by an alligator at Disney!

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