Friday, June 3, 2016

Is there any hope for social, economic, racial and environmental justice in the US?

When trying to establish a clear, repeatable pattern pointing to paranormal communication, you have to go for broke and place big bets. I can lie there and enjoy my angels privately, or I can risk making a complete fool of myself to try to show you how deep our love is. That's how we got here: trying to set a precedent so that during presidential elections, we can float enchantedly over the river Styx between random reality and angel poetry, and this time Bernie wins. If he loses, which looks inevitable from mounting evidence of electoral fraud (that fuck is rigged!) then I stand corrected. Either the angels can only materialize clever puns, or these really are piles of strange co-incidences. From then on I will try to see things your way.... that you weren't wrong after all.

You seem to relish rubbing it in too! In one of your recent blogs, you brought up the lady with fibromyalgia stuck on the side of the road, left stranded by a tow truck driver who refused to help her because of her Bernie sticker. It's interesting to note I also had a form of fibromyalgia, CFS.

So, the Lord is a prick and he left the lady languishing on the side of the road, just like my angels are leaving me stranded with Hillary?

Bill, enjoy your moment! For the past decade we've been going at it, and I put my head on the chopping block with this Bernie bet to prove my point. As everyone knows you are too 'rational' to accept a spiritual dimension, so I've taken it upon myself to show you the connection between faith and logic. Your blog post was quite annoying, especially the next day when it was punctuated by the Egyptair crash - He gipped her - right over the Greek island of Karpathos. Car in French means because and pathos... that's what we're going through right now! I also showed you some pathos here:

Later that day, reports stated the plane had not crashed over the island of Karpathos. The news turned out to be 'premature'. Even the word games are shifty.

Instead the word of the moment switched to Asmara - ass Ma are a. Moving along, nothing to see here. He just lobbed the A word back at me.

On the same day we even had a hurricane chime in about our little tiff with row âne you - âne is ass in French...

Wow, check this out, a UFO to top things off!

The only time I ever took interest in US politics was after I found your show. Growing up in Canada was relatively sane, with free healthcare, no pharma advertising and low tuition, although Wall Street had privatized the National Bank of Canada by 1974. I have to admit, the US gov't is institutionally corrupt and completely hypocritical. The Clintons and their fraudulent charity that covers for arm deals is worse than Bernie Madoff, in my opinion. That's why I'm not subjecting myself to the news anymore. I'll get my news from you. 

Let's go over the poetic name gems since the last blog post. There were hints you were excited when I tweeted the new blog post was almost ready... followed by Feb 8th's snow storm Maher's:

I'm glad you brought up on your show that Michael Moore was sick with pneumonia, and that he recovered nicely soon after. I'm not taking any chances about what's rational and what may be poetic logic. I'm writing because my intuition tells me to. In the May 13th Overtime segment, it seems Michael sensed something as well, wearing a cap from my home island of St. Maarten.

The last blog was posted on Feb. 10th. Happy to read me? In your Valentine's day monologue, you brought up the name I go by with your angel, Pussy, no less than eight times, with Cat (my everyday name) thrown in there for good measure.


In the last post we investigated how the angels found ways to communicate with us using names donated posthumously by quite a few celebrities, including Heavy Metal guitarist Lemme Kilmister and David Bowie. Day vide (French meaning empty) bow we, a reference to the empty feeling I always used to get on our nearby birthdays, was covered in length. The day after I sent it to you on Feb 10th, we seemed to get an exclamation of consent with Tropical Cyclone Daya. Day vide bow we... Day ah!

Just the other day I had to wonder if Bill Kristol's new third party candidate, David French, had something to do with the fact I called you an asshole after the Bernie bumper sticker blog. Day vide French...

That tweet was pretty obscure, sorry about that... it's the pathos kicking in. As you may have noticed, I sent the blog to Bill Kristol and we haven't heard from David French since. I hope I didn't fuck things up with that. Having another Republican candidate would bode well for Democrats.

I also noted David Gest died on April 12th.

He's a celebrity even in angel circles, lol...

Well, Tatiana, my brother's fiancée, arrived on March 29th, and stayed with me until April 26th. I had to put off writing the blog until all the guests had come and gone... day vide guest.


I used to write about current events in the opening paragraphs, and then get into personal esoteric communication between us, but recently the personal stuff has very much been about the politics of the moment... It happened on Valentine's eve, Real Time Feb. 12th, when you called out ultraconservative Justice Antonin Scalia for derailing the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and he died mysteriously within the hour. In the context of this blog, where I've demonstrated for years that celebrity deaths constitute a secret, mystical communication code, Scalia's demise was epic.

His last location's poetic interpretation, shaft her, sealed this Valentine with a lascivious visual, and I didn't miss the opportunity to convey my wishes.

At the same time, snow storm Olympia - oh limp he ah! - confirmed that Scalia's obstructionism had run its course.

A couple weeks later you mentioned Nancy Reagan on your show, and she also died soon after. I'll let you explain it. I think we finally got to you, lol!

By March 4th you were calling on the Gods of Irony to go after Republicans.

Then the deaths took an about turn. This is how it goes with wise guy angels, expect the unexpected - that's their trademark antics.

On March 13th it hit home, when Claude, my Dad died. My brother and his wife aren't getting along, so she decided not to have a funeral. She even asked me not to come to Florida. Imagine that! And she's a Republican. I went of course, and we organized a beautiful family remembrance.

The same time the family gathered on March 19th, a hurricane name with a poetic twist, Emeraude, so close to Claude - came up on the radar. Note that 'aime' is love in French. Love road. He did take good care of my brother and I; one of the reasons why I don't need to be personally affected by your political system.

On March 18th, Michael Ware came on your show to talk about his movie, Only the Dead See the End of War. No matter that he looked sloppy drunk. With a name like 'mic elle where?' we're happy to see him alive and well! In this movie, his good friend Omar, the conscientious office manager, was killed in a terrorist attack. O Maher, of course, is a revered name in our word games. Hurricane Omar terrorized me the day I first felt your angel, although it was not a direct hit on St. Maarten and there were no 'physical' damages.

So, when Omar died in Michael Ware's film, it may have had you reconsidering your appeal to the gods of irony.

To make matters worse, on March 24th, one of your great friends passed away unexpectedly, comedian Garry Shandling. Garry was so right about ego standing in the way of everything. I think he will be fine. Even his name suggests he is ready for enlightenment: G are ease handling. On the eve of his passing, March 23rd, another celebrity died: Ken Howard. Can! How hard? Fully confident... I like his attitude.

By Mar 25th I felt you were rattled by these angel games when the punch line, written right there on your hat, was supposed to be Better Ted Than Dead, but you actually said Better Dead than Ted! You made a mistake? That would have to be a first! Anyway, I wouldn't worry, you're a central character in the Media Poem; it's like being in the eye of the hurricane, the safest place. And if someone is fantasizing about shutting me up, personally I don't think it will change a thing. I'd like to think I would be like Scarlett Johansson in Lucy, more powerful dead than alive.

You probably don't know this, but t'aide in French means help you, so it may not have been a mistake after all. More like a Freudian slip from the murky depth of your stream of consciousness. Better dead than help you.

No, I don't expect you to come out in favor of public banking, like Cory Booker did, or get beyond the surface of religion and spirituality and acknowledge there is magic in nature, like John Cleese alluded to. That would be too much help.

Even Neil deGrasse Tyson eloquently expressed the concept that anything is possible on June 3rd's Overtime.

Trust me, I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think you're the most adorable, funniest person on tv. Plus, you perfected the double entendre, and that's entertainment!

We like to flirt. We love the medium... I do. How can anyone be tired of using technology? The poetry goes on non-stop... in one instance, on March 2nd, the same day I posted this picture...

Here comes snow storm Quo... cul you oh...

Le cul mène le monde
                          Sex rules the world

And the debate incident when I tweeted you in real time and your mind started to drift...

Here's the dialog... Me:

You right after:

I felt we were close that evening. The next day, it was like, hello!

For people who can't help each other much, you always charm me into submission. We're all conditioned now, anytime you say cat, brown or Jesus, it's a sign!


Whenever I have a beautiful girl around, I include her on Cat TV.

As I mentioned, my brother Patrick's girlfriend Tatiana arrived at my place on March 29th, the same day Patty Duke died.

Here's a new video of Patty's duke:

I also sent you this picture on April 11th.

And this one April 20th.

Hear you on April 28th:

The whole lesbian analogy blew up when the Pope ran off to Lesbos after meeting with Bernie to silence the corporatist critics who accuse him of endorsing a socialist.



I guess you like that joke! New Rule April 22nd:

Another beautiful lady, my good friend Rose from New Zealand, also inspired the muse. She expressed delight at my latest blog post on her website, The CONtrail, and a bunch of word associations came up in her name.

Besides bout Rose, gal hi! on Feb 17th, I noticed Umberto Eco, author of "Nom de la Rose" also passed on Feb 19th.

And Petros snow storm on Feb 23rd!

You even had a go at it!

Brilliant! With four consecutive name associations, Rose tilted the game!

Here's Rose with Saru.


Bill, something weird happened around Easter, I've been calling it Easter Egg-gate. Here's the sequence of events. Following the Birdie Sanders incident when a bird, directed by the good will of millions of people, landed on Bernie's podium...

...I sent you this picture. It's Photoshopped by a Facebook friend I don't know. I only know maybe 25% of them.

Below it on Facebook lay some Easter eggs I had downloaded.

Later that day...

I caught that egg quip!

When I Googled eggs, out came one that looked like Ted, sooo...

Am I telepathic? This ran through my mind... What's the use of being in love if you don't get laid?

Did you visit my Facebook page, where my husband Juny and late husband Don Alias are featured, as well as my musical buddy, angel Silva? That's Easter Egg-gate.

There are a couple clues strewn across the globe.

Cold Cat ah...

And a storm named Katie was hiding in England!

Check this car dangling over the River Don.

By then we're on April Fool's Day. I didn't notice it at first, but someone hacked my Facebook page! They changed my visibility from 'public' to 'acquaintances'. I fell right for it, wondering why nobody likes my pictures. I'm still wondering why the Tweets get around 2500 organic impressions a week (whatever that is) and no one clicks on the video links. Shall we break for our 'whole fuckin media is fake' rant? I don't believe the FBI couldn't unlock the San Bernardino terrorist's iphone, I thought that was propaganda to lead the public to think the government isn't able to spy on us at will. Turns out they finally got into the phone, but the narrative made its mark. And what about the non-stop media coverage of school shootings and terror attacks which have conveniently dissipated during the elections? Is there a scheduling conflict with false flag attacks while we're distracted by the fake elections? Actually, the only attack splattered all over the media that I can recall lately was the Brussels bombing. Just so happens I was dining with my uncle and his wife from Belgium the night before! Coincidence or evidence?

I'm spooking myself now, lol!

No, I don't believe much of what we see in the media, including Google. Are they terrorized by the elite, or plain greedy? I would just as easily believe the hollow earth story. Did you know Hitler was supposed to have fled to openings in the poles? Here's something I do believe: A Third Reich psychic named Maria Orsitsch used her long twisted hair as an antenna to communicate with extraterrestrials. That makes sense to me!


What I thought was really funny was after the Florida debate, when Hillary used the word mitigation to describe the wonderful work she's part of in combating climate change.

I could just hear one of her email testers, "Does Hillary know the word mitigation is associated with chemtrails?" I never did hear her mention mitigation again. Right out of Veep.

I think many people are entertained by Trump, because he knows how to harass Hillary like no one else can. As much as I deplore his corporate predator schtick, there is a certain freshness in his candor... God knows the Clintons have alot to hide!

I told you last time I didn't feel like talking about him... then my friend Rita sent me this death announcement, which was erroneous since Don Knotts died in 2006.

Nevertheless, I interpreted this as an invitation to opinionate on Don Nuts, so here's what I think. Trump's platform is anchored in deregulation. How could everybody forget how deregulation caused the crash of '09???? As the business lobby now appeals for weaker robocall laws, he would allow them to ring off the hook! Does the electorate get that? Large corporations would pick our bones clean.

Interestingly, I tweeted Donald and it really sounds like he answered my question on Kimmel, the same night.

Perhaps a candidate who is way ahead can avoid the tentacles of electoral manipulation, but traditionally Republicans and Democrats share the votes nearly evenly, so how could he possibly beat the Dems, especially when alienating the brown vote?

By the way, say what you will about that whiny little bitch, I don't think he chickened out about debating Bernie. Now that he's also the GOP's bitch, I bet the corporate masters of the universe asked him not to debate Bernie so as not to embarrass Madame Hillary who doesn't feel like it, probably because she's speechless after seeing so many tens of thousands show up at Bernie's rallies.


Luckily I live outside the States and my income is from real estate, so I can shut out the political tyranny. But it hasn't always been that easy. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was in negotiations with a bank to consolidate two loans:

Can you believe after making me wait nearly a year they finally offered a compounded interest rate of 15%, meaning I would have to pay back more than double what I borrowed? In March my friend came through for me and I had the pleasure of declining this major bank's mob tactics. Here in the Antilles, we use dollars and Antillean guilders, abbreviated as Ang.

This story on Bankroll Fresh also pinged on Instagram.

Now that I straightened out my finances, I have all the time in the world to go dancing. Angel Silva is still there; we're getting along on a musical level. I noted that Keith Emerson died right after I sent you a dance video where I turned to look at him - Kit aime her son.

In the subsequent videos he still co-stars. Here's the latest - badgalriri made me do it!

I enjoy his work, and I guess he likes mine too.

And it's purely a mutual obsession with great music. One night our local rap stars 4DH ENT were in the club, and I got so excited by their talent I ran up to Silva to have our picture taken together. Not only did my phone short circuit itself, but he bolted as well! Recently I saw Silva on the street with his adorable little boy, but I just let him go by without seeing me. By now music and dance is what it's all about, and I expect it would be exponentially more difficult if you and I were to approach each other in person. We're only safe through mics and satellites. This picture of you popped up on my screen from the depth of my hard drive right after my Dad died.

That was very touching, but we've been through so much... I couldn't stand being shoved aside by your bodyguard in 'real time'. Not to mention that I was poisoned by the new carpet, floor and drywall emanations in Sarasota, and the air duct mold in Miami.

Nevertheless, I'm so motivated to communicate! I just hand the phone to any guy who comes on to me in the club, that's how I get the videos. I had sent you one right before Prince died on April 21st... would that be a reference to prance?

Is it vain for me to suggest these name synchronicities?

It's a nice opportunity to bring up one of my favorite sayings: enjoy a big ego as much as you like, just know how to slip out of it easily, like underwear.

Did I show you this picture?


My beautiful cat Minou also died on April 3rd. I told you about it...

Poor poor Minou had a cute volcano synch, at the very moment of his passing.

On your New Rules that week, you outdid yourself in immaturity! In a wrap up to Easter Egg-gate I guess, you came up with this cat comment.

I asked Bernie, who seems like such a nice guy, to help you see there is something between us, a fragile notion worth nurturing... something akin to courtly love.

I also sent him the blog, along with some articles by my favorite public banking economist, Ellen Brown. Your next week's cat reference was quite interesting.

Bernie even came out with an intriguing line about 'scientists' and earthquakes...

I guess I'll never know what you guys actually think about all this, if anything at all! I hope it makes you feel good to see in technicolor that I catch your innuendoes.

I did take note of this... after I tweeted that I had to put off writing the blog due to overwhelming evidence of vote finagling by the Clinton machine, you stopped mentioning cats, Brown and Jesus for the 3 following weeks. Only when I told you I was ready to write did you come back hard on May 27th (after your week off) with no less than three clues.

 And 'lis , silent S is read in French, of course:

I see you've been converting to tantra too! First the reference to Cinnabon, which I had first brought up in the 'Put the Blame on Mame' entry of Oct. 16, 2013.

And in the New Rules you mention how Katy Perry will own 90% of the world's wealth by 2041, aannddd you also said..... 'Jesus returned to earth, took one look at us, said fuck you and left.' A reference to my quip in 'Wind Mined Diamond Heart' of Dec 19, 2013, when I opined on the Jesus analogy, saying about I'm about as Jesusy as... fuck you!

Thanks for bringing it up, I wanted to go over this one anyway...

And the contents of that web page...


Now that it looks like Bernie is being shut out, how can we start making heads or tails out of all these signs? What could be the reason for the poems? I've never encountered this situation anywhere! You and I both want to help people wrestle free from the corporate fangs of 'for profit' health care, education, prisons, etc. We're even going after bad food and medicine! From a personal point of view I'd also like to transition from Twitter porn to disaster scientist in my later years... I got all kinds of ideas. But like any science, the physics of emotion is not so easily deciphered. The trick is to keep scintillating in this ever deepening mystery.