Monday, June 23, 2014

"I'll have what she's having"

Today's opening remarks illustrate that if you don't keep up with so called conspiracy theories, you're setting to trip yourself up, especially if you're in the mainstream media. This time it starts with Marco Rubio's blockhead denial of manmade climate change followed a couple days later with Rubio reversing his opinion, citing mitigation as a new technology to counter global warming. Mitigation and solar radiation management are of course, the politically correct terms for chemtrails. Check these scientific paper titles I got from Wikipedia under Solar Radiation Management (my highlights):

Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (1992). "Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming: Mitigation, Adaptation, and the Science Base" National Academy Press

Keith Bower, et al. (2006). "Assessment of a Proposed Technique for Global Warming Mitigation via Albedo-Enhancement of Marine Stratocumulus Clouds"

Albedo-enhancement of marine stratocumulus clouds? Yes, that's messing with the atmosphere... with risky, unknown consequences. The term 'mitigation' is geoengineers' tag to present chemtrails to the public in such an ambiguous way that very few people parroting this term actually understand what it means. Do your research, politicians and media personalities!  It's understandable that Marco Rubio would say mitigation and not understand shit, but even Ed mitigated bubbles in the following segments:

I don't mean to sound cynical, but how could you not look for hidden agendas in light of what we've seen? The recently released National Climate Assessment report confirming doom and gloom from manmade climate change is an introductory measure towards public acceptance of chemtrails. They're serving aluminum, barium and strontium and expect you to lap it up.

Then there's your sideways swipe... Here's a completely confused hint at God knows what if I ever heard one.

Right back at you with the following take on Benghazi...

I noticed Benghazi pops up like a rash each time Hillary is exasperated by the enormous pressure of running at her age. She's been gassy...  The last time we got gassed by an outbreak of Benghazi started with April 22nd's Interim Report on the Citizens' Commission on Benghazi, released soon after April 11th, the day she got a shoe thrown at her, making her look - and feel - too old for any of this.

As suggested all along, the actual motive fueling the Arab Spring, Isis and other terrorist news shows is the destabilization of the Middle East, to facilitate Western encroachment and slow China's spread over the entire African continent. Republicans know there's something going on over there but they can't communicate the enormity of it, so they putz around Benghazi and the video without making a clear case. They can't - because the illuminati discourages this information going public. So why bother? I guess politics are limping along...

Same thing for Sudan, about which VICE did a great piece. Couldn't the West take out al-Bashir with one drone? It was refreshing to hear your guest Glen Greenwald call out the West's willingness to back some terrorists and not others, although it would have been nice to hear him talk more about geopolitical underpinnings.

Then there's hashtag bring our girls back. According to 21stCenturyWire dot com, Boko Haram is just another terrorism franchise of the CIA. Here's an excerpt from their piece entitled 'Boko Haram: US Africom's Latest False Flag Franchise':

"One only needs to read the strategic briefings in U.S. AFRICOM documents to realize the true endgame for Africa: the eviction of China economic and political influence throughout the continent, and when it comes to achieving that goal - anything goes..."

The name Boko Haram has multiple levels of meaning. The official explanation is 'Western education is a sin', taken from haram, an Arabic word meaning forbidden, and boko, a derivative of book.  According to Mohammed Kabir of the BBC's Hausa service, boko actually means inauthentic or fake. Fake is forbidden...Ha! Fake is the law of the land in the West! The African scream for rationality flashes for an instant. I have no doubt savages are torturing women in Africa and schoolgirls are kidnapped, but it also makes sense these men are inflamed by the West to serve geopolitical interests, wringing out latent violence which could just as easily be diminished from their personalities if given half a chance to evolve. Then there's the phonetic name meaning: Beaucoups harem.... lots of hos. The French word 'beaucoups' pronounced boko means many. Whether this word game is intentional is a mystery to me as well, I'm only archiving here.


Ok Bill, now where were we? We're done testing I hope. In the May post I left off with a picture in the sulphur springs of Dominica. Since I feel you today more than ever, we'll start like we left off.

Perhaps I should just stop here and call it a day for this post. All my instincts tell me to do just that!

First a little health report, as of June 4th, I'm feeling great! A new health routine and regular dance outings are turning the clock tic tic tic... right back. The picture above is 'before'.

While mixing a honey oat mask I was reminiscing about old letters from early 2010; the first thing that came to me was, "have I been nice to Bill?" The unequivocal, immediate response from our angel: "My pussy hates asshole Bill". Nevertheless, the next story I have to plant on you is directly attributable to getting my health back, body humming nicely, myalgic encephalomyelitis a fast fading nuisance. And Sensi is playing a good part. That's the bright side.

I just passed up forwarding a chain letter about having '5 Fridays in August' and therefore I'm taking a vow of poverty by not sending it. Which is ok, less money equals fewer responsibilities... if your desires are fulfilled. I would gladly renounce material trappings to be able to confide safely everything I want to tell you. Perhaps retain a few scraps of clothes... Anyway, up to the age of 12 all I heard was how I'd make a terrific lawyer... Catie sera une avocate. That's all I heard. So here we are, and this is my big case. Am I coming on too professionally aggressive for a woman so far, so eager to establish the existence of magic, yet missing the whole point about the feelings that exalt it?

All I can divulge in the prologue is there's no couching this one, and if you do love science, you'll listen with an open mind. I figured out this is a setup anyway, a nice one at that. Don Sterling would agree, so we just gotta plunge head first. Unlike Don, the false media manipulator who would rather go to jail on property tax fraud than collect $2 billion, I fully intend to plead insanity.

Last time we met, Flight 370 was like a bad drug you can't shake, and I hoped tying it into our narrative would make it would go away. We now know it will never go away...  Quite to the contrary, after I posted on May 1st, they announced the search would take years.... YEARS, with the next phase starting in August, at the earliest. For once we're all on the same page; even Obama quipped at the Correspondents' Dinner how jet lagged he was following his trip to Malaysia: "the lengths we have to go to get CNN coverage these days." You also devoted a New Rules to this (Long live the Marleys!)

Saving it for last, you looked straight into the camera and implied dating Chris Brown is more dangerous than hunting with Dick Cheney. Really! Then electronically dating Cat Brown isn't a serial wet dream? Likely to be syndicated season after season - since I'm madly in love with your namesake angel for eternity!

In the wake of Chris Christie's Bridgegate lobotomy, crystallized into prose in "Tire tracks all across Guv's back", lately I sensed you'd like to repeat this trick. In this clip about congressman-restaurateur Michael Grimm, a guy I couldn't resist calling by name in the last post, you're ready to Google a voodoo doll.

Ok, I'm applying for the job. I already live in this awful limbo where I'm opening my most intimate thoughts right here, privacy long ago surrendered, to figure out how we can streamline them kooky word games to our benefit.

So I was waiting for something very funny to happen... The menu is copious; maybe a resplendent prank on fake marijuana ally Andrew Cuomo... or take your pick! David Brat, the conservative enfant terrible who poofed Eric Cantor already has a good opening line: he said winning against Cantor is a miracle from God.

Here's something we have in common and enjoy doing; comic angel scripting... you could call it the fairness doctrine that's more than fair. Are you also beginning to think we can shape this energy? The day after I hear the voodoo doll casting call, I'm listening to CCTV Chinese TV. There's Aussie Edwin Maher, boy wonder from down under, and it occurs to me... here could be a new hobby: Aide Win Maher.

But week after week in May, nothing happened in the news. Actually, it happened to me right here, live and direct! So, before we can scrap on the world scene, we have to get personal and climb some hurdles.

Don't freak out, it's nothing really, except thoughts! Innocent, uncontrollable, unrealized thoughts. I went dancing in a Jamaican nightclub and had a great time. Such a good time... All my life I wandered around hopelessly and in vain for some music to dance to. I hate house music. I'll decorate your house but I don't want to hear it. The only violent ruminations I've ever felt were towards a DJ... Finally, New Year's Eve, I found these Jamaican guys... They even play hip hop! So one night I'm bubbling in the club, bouncing and swaying in ecstasy to all the right dips in the beat, gorgeous black chicks with adorable bumpas rubbing up coyly once in a while, when the DJ sings thru the speakers I could 'fuck High Up Family!'

That was funny. As the guys were forming a cozy circle around the dancers, I escaped in one piece, as I do each and every time, but when I got home, well fizzed and all hotted up, two rounds with cutie hubby weren't enough to cool me down. That's when I felt her, just like I feel our angel. She was giving it to me from a distance... WTF? Satisfying me JUST LIKE THAT. I opened up. At one point I heard she voice innaside a mi... Voice: "Are you raping me?"

                                                                                    Mi a seh "Yes!"

This went on and on, infuckingcredible til I fell asleep. Couple hours later the voice accompanying that great feeling woke me up...  "More ahgonee. Pum pum tun up!" (indirect translation, you can imagine...)

On this early morning, a shawoman was testing me without the intense love emotions I am used to with our angel. It was simply a mindfuck, if that can be termed as simple. It's not emotional, it's spiritual. Please retain the part about not being emotional. As far as spirituality, I'll try to explain... opening my entire being is the joy. We had a great time, our angel was all over it, and did you enjoy that story?

Just then hurricane Amanda came out in the East Pacific. Dragged out into the light again... A man, duh! Yeah, it might be reasonable to assume it takes a masculine energy to get high end low-tech like that. The shawoman story didn't hold up in court. My best defense here is that I have no idea what happened. It's that damn psychic talent!

Earlier in May I sensed a preliminary rebuttal when Solange viciously attacked Jay Z for a still unknown reason, except the obvious one that her rival sibling is the most exquisitely sexy and talented musician. The night before, I had been getting fluffed up to prime fuckability by Gucci Mane's music. It's just the music I love! Of course, it's still and always "Seul Ange" ... On May 28th, I also heard something in Maya Angelou's passing.. Ma ya angel, ou - Ma ok with Angel, or? (ou in french means or).

How could I describe the love I feel since over 20 years to the one I give myself to, heart, body and soul? Happy 20th anniversary, by the way! I've been telling angel how much I love him now and forever, sort of like others are devoted to baby Jesus, but I know he feels it more than words. He should be completely secure in this knowledge. He came back on June 3rd with tropical storm Boris - Be or is? Is! Is! Is and always will be as one. What I learned from all the tests, and everything I've written about so far is is that the only thing standing in our way from accomplishing great things is jealousy, and that's so unnecessary! I hope writing candidly about this is the right thing to do, and by confronting it (not easy for me to get this personal, by the way) I can communicate this feeling of security and immutability that is our love. We gotta focus, there's so much work to do before the elections! (the gap between haves and have-nots needs bridging, mother earth needs a good shampoo, you feel what'm saying?)

In last week's New Rule you made it clear that bad boys can't be changed, but I don't see any bad boys here!? Even Satan is getting good press these days. The new philosophy that ingratiates him with the aliens is that He's one with God. He was just trying to impart knowledge to mankind... they're saying he's been misunderstood all this time. I agree, a long time tenet of zen is that we're all one; east and west spirituality meet.

So anything is possible! I heard an eagerness to achieve great things together in your last line from May 23rd:

There you have it. That's the 'grand mess ah!' I was tweeting you about at the end of May.

I have to admit I'm apprehensive concerning what will happen when you read this, trying to reassure myself that a calamity with or without a catchy name would happen anyway.

 I can't help feeling there's a hint in this last line, from May 16th.

I'll isolate the face for you this time, though:

All I can do is assure you I'm past the age of being outa control (since I was 20 actually, and moved from sexually liberated Montreal to marry in NYC). After 22 years of convalescing, I want to dance again, come home, pop that spring physically and then... surrender myself to an orb of perfect orgasmic energy (thanks for your inspiring line from Politcking with Larry King).

I better send this letter soon, I can't keep up with the material! It's almost ready... I'm aiming to be a week ahead of my two month posting interval. If no poetic calamity happens after I post, then I'll say "heckofajob Brownie!" Why do I get the feeling you're thinking the other way around?

A mega advantage about all this is that I'm no longer looking to expand my readership by leaps and bounds. You want your privacy? Voila!

Angel asks... "Pussy? Going dancing this weekend?" "Yes! We're going to sex up the place at Air Lekkerbek with DJ General Speed, I'm tremendously pleased."

All these Jamaicans have really improved the club scene. Ironically, in 2011 the St. Maarten govt. implemented strict visa requirements to keep out Jamaicans and Guyanese, but the ladies working at airport customs are so welcoming they pay no attention to who needs what docs. In '05 I crossed the border with a cat under each arm and the lovely St. Maarten girl didn't even notice...


If my parents hadn't taken me away from war torn Algiers in 1962, I could very well be wearing a burka today.  No! lol! Good parenting on their part, that and having my tonsils removed.

As Tom Robbins wrote in 'Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates' on why 'lusty Semitic and pre-Semitic lasses' were covered from head to toe, "Had the men been ego-wounded cry babies and scaredy cats, or were the women that free, that hot?" At least I'm preserving the tiny little burka over my mind that keeps me from sharing the blog with our Jamaican friends.

I did get other feedback about this adventure... of the dead celebrity kind. Besides Maya Angelou, singer Ruby Dee passed away last week. Ruby Dee, Ruby Dee, what could that be? I figured it out. Rub he dit (dit pronounced 'dee' is french for tell). Rub he tell. Soon after, American Top 40 DJ Casey Kasem also passed away. Kiss he, kiss em? I couldn't stop laughing at the time!

How's the case coming along? It's essentially a treatise on the love of music. I guzzle all those good feelings and share them with angel. Nothing more. I married a musician the first time around and barely escaped with my life. All these guys are married too. The only one who isn't married is you! Remember the girl I picked for you way back in Feb of 2009? Here's the letter I wrote:

"For a while now, I've been wondering who could be the right girl for you. Hear out my idea… if you were married, we would both have a stable infrastructure at home, and maybe then could we blog in peace. Even George Carlin says the fidelity commandment could not possibly include merely thinking about someone. In his own words, "I don’t think you should outlaw fantasizing about someone else’s wife, otherwise what’s a guy going to think about when he’s waxing his carrot?" So I started to sift through the hopefuls and first ruled out your typical libidinous, impulsive objects of desire... Actually I concluded you need a nice Jewish girl… and I saw her today! Watching Sarah Silverman in 'Jesus is Magic', I found her incredibly funny, compatibly acerbic, and cute. She even wears your kind of clothes. There’s only one thing that bugs me: as this white ting approaches two homeboys, shouldn’t they be devouring her with their eyes? I know they’re trying to act, but they don’t look gay… wouldn’t they at least betray some kind of lusty sparkle? This had me a little perplexed, but it might be fun to crack that nut and find out."

Me and my bright ideas! Recently I heard she has a history of getting in trouble for saying the word chink. She tried to get out of jury duty by writing she loves chinks. At least we know it wasn't sexual.

Wow, reading this letter again reminds me that I've taken fidelity to the next level, disproving George Carlin's theory that it's ok to fantasize about others in private. Au contraire, I complicitly share every thought and feeling with mon ange and then blab it all on this blog. I rest my case.                                              

Did you know it's still snowing this June in Montana, Utah and Wyoming? They haven't tagged a name on it, but here's a little controversy about storm names I'd like to address. As we know, a lot of people have complained about the Weather Channel naming storms. Now the website 'decoded Science' has stepped in with their own snow storm names. It was decoded Science which named Zephyr back on April 13th,  Zephyr is of course, my twittter name.

Well, the Weather Channel named Zephyr on Mother's Day, so it was named twice. Sweet touch... Zephyr on Mother's Day!

Then decoded Science pointed out the mix up, and decided to name the storm Beaver!!!

Here we go with the animal names! Can't catch a break... As far as naming it aardvark, I'd rather it be called anaconda.