Sunday, February 17, 2013

Which dimension is airing on this channel?

Dear Rose,

I stopped posting in 'snippets' because I felt Bill Maher (or whoever is using him as a front in my fiery tale) was getting out of control. When we left off you'll recall he posted a joke which he said is 'for scientists' (a jab at my research) called 'Miss Piggy?' Well I've been working out lately and regaining my girlish figure, but that wasn't the worst of it. I find it ironic that cosmic sparks from higher dimensions are instigated by a girl's weight... these things come out of left field, don't they?

Here's the timeline:
Remember his gag about a demonic possession magazine, Exorcism Monthly, featuring getting cocks sucked by mother on a Hawaiian vacation... right before his own Hawaiian vacation?

I wrote about this apparent invitation in my blog, something to this effect: "but we have a lot of catching up to do first, and oh... I just noticed tropical storm Ma ria" (Mom laughed in french).
After I posted this, in his last show of the season, he said 'You're not my Mom, ok?", although it was in another context... of course.

What happened next stopped me cold from updating the blog. First the war in Hamas and Israel... Ha! Mas (more than one mother) and Is rat elle? (rat has a silent 't' in french). Then typhoon Bopha - Bop ha! in the Philippines, aka Pablo (the typhoon's int'l name) or 'pas blow'... no blow job this xmas... or also Pa blow... Dad's getting busy making a metaphysical mess again.. And how many dead? Over 1100? Then Princess Catherine got pregnant; well here's a Catherine mommy! And now some poor nurse commits suicide around that... At the same time, an artist friend who's not familiar with all this gives me a painting inscribed La Mere Catherine.

To top it off, another friend was helping me plant on the porch when he fell to the ground as "I'm tired of using technology" by Justin Timberlake was blaring. He turned out to be ok after a week at the hospital... it was just a jokull... but the 2nd floor 25 ft fall was broken by splitting his balls on the 1st floor patio before he hit the ground below. Ouch!!!

And then the shootings started... Dec 11th in Clackamas, Oregon... 3 dead. Claque a Mas - claque in French is slap across the face... a Mas ... well.... is this how an accidental Mom is acknowledged?

Then Sandy hook: The kid killed his mother.

The name Sandy Hook is spooky enough. I stopped writing the blog around the time of Hurricane Sandy. That's when our boy got the hook, a comedian's worse case scenario.

I should reiterate that my Buddhist philosophy leads me to believe that whatever happens to anyone was meant to be, as a result of a latent chain of karma we don't directly understand... like my friend "Jumper" who fell but recovered nicely. Oh, and I forgot to mention he's dating his nurse from the St. Maarten Medical Center.

There is something to be explored concerning the responsibility we may share in these synchronicities. It seems they place us psychically in charge of ourselves and our environment, but I certainly don't lay blame on anyone or anything for any of them. Nor do I think all this has to do with me exclusively, but rather that poetic synchronicities happen to everybody, once people pay attention to them...

I'm skipping over a bunch of disgruntled synchronicities... so let's jump to the latest funny ones. In my last blog post I responded to the Miss Piggy? episode by protesting that I'm the ideal weight for my height and age. Before Christmas break, in the same program as the 'You're not my Mother' outburst, he also came out with this gem: "Marilyn would be 86 years old if she weren't, you know, dead".

Well, that didn't go over very well with me. Right around Christmas, some 'Man Tie' football player's internet girlfriend died, to the great chagrin of tv viewers everywhere, and then it turns out she never existed. OK...I can relate: I'm dead and I don't exist...

Wind chime?

This story dominated the news for weeks...  Then this 'hats off' to the 'I'm dead AND I don't exist ' media poem.

But I wasn't done, although I personally have absolutely nothing to do with instigating all this, except as a fluke reflection of my emotions. There's snow storm Nemo... The Weather Channel's Mike Seidel was reporting from Revere Beach in a snow storm named Nemo, which means 'no name' in Latin. Dear Bill: since you said I'm dead, I also don't exist and I have no name... the comfort zone. All I ask for is a little R.E.V.E.R.E.N.C.E. Nemo also means valley boy in Greek; where else would such a mess emanate? And...

 a cute puffy fish...

All this accompanied by a complimentary tsunami in the Solomon (solo mon) islands. (I just found out on that Nemo also means 'an Americanism' in radio and television, probably cause it sounds like 'remote'... analogies in overdrive!)

Again, I have to fast forward over a whole bunch of cute name synchronicities... Don't get me started on the shit ship stuck in the Gulf of Mexico! That's a whole other post; I'd call it Crapper's Delight. Note his uncanny resemblance to the 'angel' on my new brand of toilet paper.

Did you notice cyclone Narelle (nah are elle) scared, then spared Exmouth (ex mouth)? On Jan 21st cyclone Oswald (hos wild) struck Queensland, as my brother brought home a Croatian and Russian stripper. He fell in love with one of them by the way.

His favorite went home to Yekaterinburg, a town within visible distance of the Feb 15th meteorite! She's ok of course... 'Yeah Catherine' burg in 'You're all' (Ural) mountains? Happy Valentine! My brother is my confidante, but he never has much to say about all this except an occasional smile... how could he? He's normal, and as he affirms, more into numbers than words. As I said to him, it took his girlfriend living there for him to tell me about Yekaterinburg's name synchronicity episode. Gotcha! ...a la Giant Sarah Palin.

In parting, here's one of Bill's latest laments, followed by a smooth transition movie excerpt which was playing on tv the instant after I downloaded Bill's Brittle Richard to my computer.

So now a friend is telling me his wife is experiencing funny synchronicities with the media. I said, 'live her dream with her!' I have a feeling the Mayan prophecy has something to do with feminine imagination coming out in full Technicolor!

Here's a link to the part one of this story: