Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Accounting for Awareness

Funny, it looks like the end of the world on TV. Between the Paris terror attack and Russian planes going down, anyone paying attention is done to a crisp with anxiety... Syria, Paris, NYC... The media machine is flying off the handle. What is going on? Last time blog writing season came around I also had that rushed feeling from the looming gravity of current events to hurry up and write, with outa control Baltimore riots over 'Mic Elle' Brown, and previously, the gov't shutdown in Wash. DC. Yikes. This time it kinda looks like WW3. And as to the rushed feeling of anxiety shared by so many in these times of crises... I'm not taking part in the festivities. As usual, the blog will get done! I'm enjoying playing with it.

What is the ill-uminati trying to prove? I was looking up the origins of the charter of the United Nations. You have to dig a little deeper cause they are such hypocrites - their language is designed to be boring and unintelligible. Christian right wingers and conspiracy theorists alike feel threatened by Alice Bailey's Lucis Trust and its connection with UN's history, portraying her ethics as guidelines that are still used by crackpots shaping the world today.

Well guess what, her ideals look somewhat like what we're being formed into; a striking example is androgyny.

                                                                                                 from Babylonmysteryreligion.com

My instinct tells me the God fearing fundamentalists are right - if only in this case - and the ruling philosophy behind current events is way more complicated than Jihad. Isis are just fighting pawns, alot of people agree on this. Why don't we flood Isis with 'Lean' opiate syrup and TVs instead of Captagon amphetamines, Toyota pickups and tons of arms? History acknowledges the British neutralized the Chinese with opium. I'm sure there's lots of ways to subdue them, ways that don't include blowing up equipment to keep up supply and demand.

Even Bernie Sanders is hinting at one world government when he says he wants to 'destroy' Isis with an international coalition, because the US can't do it alone. You are one of the few voicing the only sane solution: help change their ideas. Of course, this would be more easily accomplished with the right psychotropics! Perhaps you should talk to him, or does he already know all this and foreign policy is his compromise to pander to TPTB?

But there's more to this, and I see evidence the ruling elite are following some kind of Hegelian Dialectic philosophy. From the same website, Babylon Mystery Religion:

The Hegelian Principle was formulated by George William Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher. It is a process intended to produce Oneness of Mind through a process of 1) Thesis: embodying a particular view or position, 2) antithesis: providing an opposing or contrary position, and 3) synthesis, which reconciles the two previous positions and then becomes the basis of a new thesis... in accordance with the laws of dialectical materialism.
In theory, through a continual process of evolution, Oneness of Mind is achieved. This process can also be used to 1) create crisis, 2) opposition to crisis, 3) effect the wanted solution.
Jim Garrison, president of the New Age Gorbachev Foundation has said:
"We are going to end up with world government. it's inevitable... There's going to be CONFLICT, COERCION AND CONSENSUS. That's all part of what will be required as we give birth to the global civilization."

To top this off, those shaping our thoughts with conflict and coercion are doing this in an attempt to accede to the Buddhist ideal of non-duality... believe it or not...

"It is the law of the universe that in all things there is prior existence. Before every form there is a prior, but lesser evolved form. Each one of us is evolving towards the godhead. 
NOTE: In other words we will become God.
"What I am proposing to do is to narrow that gap between pantheism and Christianity by bringing out what one might call the Christian Soul of Pantheism or the pantheistic aspect of Christianity."
NOTE: In other words, God is in everything, he is not a separate entity.
"I can be saved only by becoming one with the Universe."
NOTE: This is Pantheism and is the philosophy of Buddhism.
"I believe that the Messiah whom we await, whom we all without any doubt await, is the Universal Christ, that is to say, the Christ of Evolution."

Teilhard de Chardin: Christianity and Evolution

This is Alice Bailey's philosophy, and she further explains,

"Within the United Nations is the germ and seed of a great international and meditating, reflecting group - a group of thinking and informed men and women in whose hands lies the destiny of humanity. This is largely under the control of many fourth ray disciples. If you could but realise it... and their point of meditative focus is the intuitional or buddhic plane - the plane upon which all hierarchical activity is today to be found."

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that old German scholars, like Freud, have been proven wrong time and time again, and trying to achieve unity through the Hegelian Dialectic is intellectual blindness at best. As Lama ThubtenYeshe, a true Tantric practitioner, points out in the Introduction to Tantra - A Vision of Totality... this is how you achieve a sense of unity:

"As this feeling of spaciousness grows and as we become closer to the correct view of non-concrete, non-self existence, a sense of unity between ourselves and everything else will arise. Instead of feeling suffocated and oppressed by our surroundings – it’s me against them – we will feel as if there is room enough for everything in the world. There is space for everything. Within the space of non-duality, everything flows freely in a constant process of coming and going, growing and dying, arising and disappearing. Within this expanse of non-self existent reality, all things function perfectly without obstructing one another. There is no conflict, no confusion and no separation. Instead of feeling alienated from our environment, from others or even from ourselves, we share in the experience of universal harmony. Realizing that our fundamental human quality is clear and pure allows us to cut through all partial, limiting and self-imprisoning concepts. In the clear space of the fully relaxed mind there is no distinction between your fundamental reality and my fundamental reality. One is not better than the other; one is not worse than the other. Ultimately, there is no good and bad, no pure and impure. The whole point of meditation or prayer or whatever we are trying to do is discover the fundamental principle of human nature, to go into this deep nature, to touch our mind, the fundamental principle of totality, non-duality. The moment we reach this experience there is no room for heavy concepts, heavy emotions or sentimentality. Just be! At the moment of this experience, there are no concepts labelled by the dualistic mind. At such time there is no Buddha, no God, no heaven or hell, Just being. The great peace. The great satisfaction."

 No conflict! Wow, are these bungling elites getting it all wrong, or what? In this cocksure society of shriveled intellects it's the same thing over and over... no dialectic progression yet... violence is committed under the guise of righteous ideals. One thing is clear, their karma is compounding interest.


Good morning - it's the next day. As I stopped writing yesterday, I turned on CNN with trepidation to find out only 20 minutes prior, the news switched from Muslim terror to classic cop terror in the USA. The nigger roadkill video took over our coerced consciousness. And today, November 25th, my friend Estelle sent me this for St. Catherine's day. Merci (et plus encore!)

Estelle is a superstar!

Ok, back to the news. Same old, same old... US spun terror. Which brings us to Saul Alinsky, one of Barack's favorite authors. Looks like his interpretation of Hegel is psyching out the whole nation - Jah! Dear Obama, I have admired you from day one. Michelle is right about nutrition, but the soon to be renamed Barack Dialectic is not going to work, not even in the long run. This is what I least expected from the administration of Hope - not only is every crisis fully exploited, but there is ample evidence shootings are being invented for mass mind sway... yup, fake news.... How conflicted do you want us to be? Lol, I hope it's not some kind of racial retribution, but here's more than a trace of sadism. The only way for this experiment to work is to lead the sheeple into the resolution phase of positive vibrations. Once we've been totally fucked over, can we get some rewards? I think good news is in order; we've had plenty of conflict and coercion, how about the consensus finale where the world comes together as One... is Disney in on this?

At least most govt's have the right idea to favor legalization of weed. In my opinion, this is the route to opening minds.

The school book:

That's a gamble! Won't there be residual scars? Is this the zombic method of cultivating detachment? It doesn't make sense to expect genuine shifts in attitude without reasoning honestly with people. Saul contradicts himself here:

Man's faith in himself would logically be undermined under a regime of spoon fed tragedies tailored to direct his thoughts.

If I was the next President, I would...  I have to break here, because Drunvalo Melchizedek's theory of the 25,000 year Mayan calendar entering into a 'feminine cycle' is supposed to begin shortly. They say male institutions will dissolve, so that would be a wrap for Hegel.


Bill, you still wanna hear about the Chinese theory? You're going to empathize with the Chinese after you read the personal stuff I saved for later.

On a recent show, Dylan Ratigan articulated Bernie Sander's position on fighting Isis. He said, "what about the rest of the world?... where are the Chinese?" Although his 'One World' thinking invites China to enter into the fray, China is not ready to show off Arab catchin' abilities just yet. This was clearly demonstrated when the US media vehemently denied Ben Carson's mundane assertion that China is fighting with Russia in Syria. I wasn't surprised when I heard China was there. I thought, "what's the big deal, China is no less stupid than other countries". I even tweeted you a link of the UK Express doing a serious analysis of China tiptoeing behind the Soviets in Syria. Here's a screenshot of the page.

However, it's now painfully obvious that China was furious to find out Ben Carson advertised their Syrian presence. And you know how sensitive Asians can be about keeping appearances. Save face at all costs... or else... harakiri! Between Mika Brzezinski (who likely was advised by her Dad, Zbigniew) Rachel Maddow and even Addicting Info on the internet, the whole liberal media went into a frenzy of accusations trying to discredit and vilify Carson and his 'outrageous' suggestion that China is involved in Syria. All least we know China owns us and our media.

Now, the next part is tricky. I tweeted you that I think China has something to do with the Paris terror attacks at Bataclan theater.

I'm not saying China is necessarily directly involved. As we've seen, the physics of emotion have subtle, incidental ways of affecting 'reality'. Nevertheless, I got a very strong hunch the Paris terror attacks are related to the anger felt by China for being exposed as fighters to the American population. When it's time to change the subject, nothing beats terror news to distract and induce instant amnesia. Terror certainly resets the discourse with a broad stroke.

Whether a phone call was actually made, or it oozed from a horrible bubble of emotion with a butterfly effect spin-off... who the fuck knows? I'm on the beach thinking about all this.

America craves kicking butt, just give em an enemy. Matt Taibi suggested Russia could be Syria's 'lawyer' in post rehabilitation bomb therapy, and Russia fits right in. China on the other hand, is having a hard time finding its image.


Now that we've touched on politics, let's take a closer look at nature, the most puzzling player. There's not much news to report about man made chemtrails, except the sky over Anguilla is filled with them, and I'm more convinced than ever they do inhibit hurricanes in the Atlantic. Probably at this late stage of toxicity, chemtrails even prevent the world from a global weather meltdown à la 'The Day After Tomorrow'. So all we can do is watch.

What I want to tell you is about is from direct experience, which is my preferred method. The touch it, feel it, blow it, know it dialectic. Anyway, I went to Dominica and noticed natural faces in the rocks. I published those pictures here and on Facebook. The next time I visited the same spots, like Emerald Pool, I saw nature had defaced the spots, as if to express her modesty at being exposed! She is so beautiful, though... in plain sight, everything she does is magic.

Here is the Shakespearian snout mask rock I showed on social media back in May:

Another light, another angle, another facial expression:

Zoom out:

When I returned in July, rocks had been moved; the mask was hiding, barely visible. There was even a branch poking his eye. The mask was hard to capture. To me it looked like nature blushed shyly after I showed her 'face' on FB. I can't help exposing her though, magic is too beautiful to hide!

Other examples of anthropological expressions in nature: the flat face, also at Emerald Pool...

And the owl guardian of Trafalgar Falls:

Three months later, in October, tropical storm Erika veiled Dominica once again, this time with a vengeance.

Trafalgar Falls before Erika:

Trafalgar's warm springs were a work of art... also before Erika:

Erika was supposed to hit St. Maarten but devastated Dominica instead; I wrote about this in the last entry. When we returned to DA after Erika, we found many things had changed. Soil erosion and landslides denuded Trafalgar Falls, the warm springs were wiped out and access to the falls was closed off except for viewing from a distance. Prior to the storm, cruise ship tourists were scrambling over the rocks by the thousands to reach the warm springs. I believe nature was tired of protecting cruise slobs from injuring themselves, and just closed herself off so she could relax. That's how I see things!

Trafalgar Falls after the passage of Erika:

Don't get me wrong, Trafalgar Falls is still very beautiful and we will be going back for Christmas. I hope the boulders have settled! I also hope the government will use the over 1 billion US dollars in donations wisely to rebuild. The media spotlight is off so Baroness Scotland from the One World Govt should be monitoring this.

Here are some pictures I found while putting together these observations on nature.

In this one I'm trying to remove a tight fitting sleeve.

That's it for today. Happy Thanksgiving. I had beet salad for lunch and peanut butter and honey for dessert, and I'm grateful it was all Bio!

And then I was still grateful when the power cut off. I enjoyed my new patio kush... on the patio. In a certain spot I have wheaty strands blowing in the breeze instead of railings.

Then Juny complained there was no Thanksgiving dinner, but I don't cook much... and especially not on holidays! So he came home drunk-singing and my gratefulness didn't hold up. Otherwise we get along really well.

That's cause we're a normal Caribbean, hippie, inter-racial couple. I'm still trying to figure out what's going on between you and I. So I keep notes.

In the Sept 11th New Rules it sounds like you agree that desire can somehow be transmogrified into weather. I feel you enjoy Tweet Porn when I see stuff like this.

and this

So I made this for you:

I've been sending you so many dance videos of me and my girlfriends, I wasn't surprised to see the Soviet plane to go down in Sharm El Sheikh.

Or a small plane go down in Queens the day I sent this

And of course my attention was riveted when I saw you end this New Rules with the title from my post of June 2014, "I'll Have What She's Having".

I still have your attention?

This was back in 2010:

Your Oct 16th New Rules is the Book of Revelations in our Bible! You summed up the whole physics of emotion in 'Testosterone Disasters'. Since some of your videos don't allow embedding on edited New Rules, let's watch the whole thing.

I read Aleister Crowley's disciple Jack Parsons was messing around in the occult with buddy L Ron Hubbard, when they opened up portals which started the modern UFO age in the late forties. So, what are we up to?

We're transforming energy on a spiritual level, using desire to propel us to a higher destination. Not unlike Hegelian Dialectics, except everything happening here is verifiably real. Of course, just like the Hegelian experiment, there seems to be alot of, um... collateral damage, even though ours is in the subtle poetic plane. After all the tests we've performed, I'm inclined to think desire does not have to ignite testosterone terror, it just happens (in reality and allegorically) when the male is trying to resist. You're probably thinking it's quite the opposite; the female's emotional volatility is a breeding ground for disaster inspired synchronicities. You even insinuate this once in a while, like on the Oct 30th New Rules:

Fortunately we both have a finely honed sense of humor.  Once we get over the initial shock of a disaster poem synchronicity, it's impossible not to appreciate the prose. Anyway, Tibetan philosophy is nonjudgmental, and since nearly all news are awful, we would be hard pressed to find magical clues in good news!

I remain convinced the concepts behind Tibetan Buddhist philosophy coupled with those of natural magic, Alice Bailey's original ideas behind Lucis Trust, are the next step in mankind's evolution, except without the Hegel Dialectic. I don't have to read between the lines to appreciate this is the planned direction of the New World Order. It's here so it's futile to complain about it. Look at how quickly people are adapting to homosexuality. The concept of insecurity which feeds the insurance industry and motivates over-consumption will be the victim in man's evolution. Just like fracking is becoming a zombie business model as the price of oil goes down, so will insurance wane as man discovers a natural ability to transcend fear. Here's my idea: just propagate the ethics of compassion, sugar-coated in sensuality, music, dance and magical synchronicities. I like to think they could improve their approach to Tibetan philosophy as they observe our waddling.

Speaking of which, I noticed you're well in line with the Illuminati's edict on acceptance of gays. I'm running with it too of course, we're in total agreement. After all these years I also 'just know' that you aren't gay and neither am I... it's showbiz for a good cause.

You look great with Andy Cohen from the Bravo Network and Guv Mc. Dreamy, Gavin Newsom.

But what about these incessant smoke signals about the desire to get a good poke?

...your Halloween costume as 'Poke a Hot Ass'.

You expect me to believe you haven't found a lady who can give you a good prostate orgasm? After all the great advertising I've done? I just know you're playing the prude in the following New Rule... although you'd need a real girl, not a black rubber dick with a remote.


The irony with the Hegel Dialectic is that life offers heaps of conflict without having to promote or manufacture it. Look at us, we're constantly sparking. After the Pope's visit at the end of September, I wrote you a short chapter about how much I enjoyed his show. I sent Pontiflex the entry on Sept 29th, and sent it to your fellow atheist Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Oct 3rd.

I guess I came on like a ho to any Pope people who may have looked at the blog. Right after I sent it, I noticed Hurricane Joaquin, ho a queen, and how it gulped up a ship called El Faro... elle far oh! All very poetic.

Joaquin was accompanied by Oho, on October 5th.

I did not get a good feeling about your October 5th web exclusive New Rule which includes the term 'Rome statutes' and 'no one wants your intellectual property'. Did Neil see the blog and it displeased you? Were you upset at how I gushed over the Pope?

I have to admit I didn't get off on seeing that last video. Well, one thing led to another and next thing you know Lamar Odom - La Maher Oh dumb! - fell into the narrative via (nearly) dead celebrity status.

I laughed for days. I could just imagine Silva with his classic shoutout: "Tell them!"

Since then, Lamar Odom has been a fixture in the show. You mentioned him four times. In your monologue Oct 30th, you alluded to Lamar and surmised this is 'a very bad sign'.

Actually, yes, La Maher, that is a very bad sign. And wait for it... girls will be girls and can't help being bad... I just sent the blog to John Cleese.

You haven't stopped bringing up poor, struggling Odom, without the least concern that Odom jokes elicit 'it's too soon!' groans and moans from the audience. You know that pleases me!

By Nov 14th, I sensed you were ready to get beyond Twitter Porn and inquired about getting a faceful of intellectual content.

On Nov 18th, I tweeted I had to delay writing the blog because Tatiana was staying an extra week, then your Nov 20th Odom joke got even edgier.

Bill, you can't beat me at Scrabble, although you're the one who comes closest. You will die trying, over and over. And I speak about going into the great beyond with the utmost Tantric Wisdom, Love and affirmation of Life. In your last New Rule you once again confirmed you don't like religion's habit of touting the afterlife. You say you're the opposite of an end timer, you're a spend timer, and enjoy life to the fullest. This New Rule is so funny!

Ok, I agree with you about Christianity and Seventh Day Adventists, but take a look at Buddhism. Enjoying life to the fullest is on the menu, but so is preparing for the inevitable. As a matter of a fact, Tantric Buddhism is all about helping others, and learning to control transitions between lives. Could come in handy, wouldn't you agree? Check out these other excerpts from An Introduction to Tantra - A Vision of Totality, by Lama Yeshe.

When ordinary people die they are out of control. Because they have not trained themselves during their life, they are overwhelmed by the experience of death and bewildered as their body elements go out of balance and cease functioning harmoniously. It seems to them as if they were in the middle of a violent earthquake, and it is therefore very difficult, if not impossible, to remain calmly aware of what is happening. Death is thus experienced as a series of frightening hallucinations, a nightmarish disaster. Yet for someone who is prepared the same visions that cause panic in others can bring an extraordinary peace. And for those advanced practitioners who have trained their minds well, each stage of the dissolution process brings ever increasing clarity and insight.

The function of Tantra is to transform all pleasures into the transcendental experience of deep penetrative awareness... Certainly other more gradual spiritual approaches, including those of the sutra path of Buddhism itself, stress that desire, jealousy and the other delusions of our daily life are always impure and should be treated as poisons. We are constantly reminded of their dangerous effects and are instructed to avoid their influence as much as possible. But, as has been pointed out already, Tantra takes a different approach. Although it also insists that delusions such as desirous attachment are the source of our dissatisfaction and suffering and therefore must be overcome, it teaches skillful ways of using the energy of these delusions to deepen our awareness and speed our spiritual progress. Just as those with skill can take poisonous plants and turn them into powerful medicine, so too can the skillful and well trained Tantric practitioner manipulate the energy of desire and even anger to advantage. This is definitely possible.

Do Alice Bailey and the Illuminati intend to introduce these concepts to the Western world, as purported in their mission statement? It's only the key to evolution, I just know it!

I feel optimistic about this. I also don't think there will be a terror attack right before the 2016 elections (which would guarantee a win for Conservatives, or whatever you call Trump... our 'businessman') just as there wasn't one before the 2008 or 2012 elections. We are spinning in the right direction.

As I researched this topic, I noticed Celine Dion's husband, René Angélil, is close to passing from throat cancer. Renait, pronounced like Rene, means reincarnate in French, and ange - l'ile, well, it's a sweet conclusion to these ideas - your angel reborn on my island. Reaching out in this way is so beautiful! One of the nicest poems.


Now that you've endured current events and the lecture, it's time to get personal. Time to get into this Gaza business. This is one of the reasons I've been putting off writing. I ran across a bonified demon. I might have stayed quietly in twitter porn safe mode if we hadn't faced the end of the world last week.

Besides Highup family here in St. Maarten there are a couple other Jamaican tribes, notably Gully family and Gaza. Out of Gaza comes dancehall star Vybz Kartel and his protégé Tommy Lee Sparta. Vybz is in jail for murder and Tommy Lee is smoking hot. I never met him, of course, but he's the only person I know who does Gothic Dancehall, and he has the wickedest style.

I posted my half demonic-half angel picture on his FB site, listened to his music while exercising a couple times, and that was that... outa sight/outa mind for a few months...

Until one day something made me send the blog. On a whim. I don't know what happened there for a couple days, Bill. More intense than freebase. Even harder to come off his influence. As ferocious down below as up above. It couldn't last of course, we're on angel family planning. You'll recall we went through that last time; the limit is strictly two, and I stick to the itinerary. I felt your spirit right as it happened. You reposted this video on Oct. 8th; the last line is epic.

Screenshot of day it was reposted:

Even you seemed skeptical that I had a choice as to how many angels. You're probably wondering how I could get possessed so easily! Well, he reached me. Just when I was paying attention, he released his new single, Dolla Bill.

Doll a Bill. Oh God. Here we go... Gaza whine. After two days of relentless test driving, I was wondering if I'd ever have the energy to do anything else. I knew that had to end. It wasn't easy though. His spirit or whatever hijacked my mind had me well pinned down.  I couldn't keep thinking about family planning every minute of the day, especially when I was trying to rest. How I was able to extricate myself is by posting a picture of him in his visitor's posts section. I plastered Jimi Hendrix over a big zit on his nose. The resemblance is striking.

When it wasn't posted, as none of his visitors' posts are, I felt that since I'm not afforded that privilege, the feelings weren't mutual, so I instantly got over him. Yeah... and it worked. You've kept up esoteric communication over the years. Without that there's no dream. It just ended that day, and I feel much stronger now; it's behind me and I can talk about it. Crisis averted. Nothing happened. I enjoy his Jamaican slasher videos.

Interestingly, today, when it's time to bring up this story, the Planned Parenthood murders are dominating the airwaves. Even the killer's name, rob hurt dear, has too many clear english words to pass unnoticed.

Other names of note include Hurricane Kate which formed over Cat Island, Bahamas on Nov 9th. After a slow season, no doubt geo-engineered to have few storms in the Atlantic, I enjoyed seeing Kate generate such a cute poem at this late date, with minimal damage and no casualties.

I dedicated snow storm Bella on Nov. 21st to my beautiful sister-in-law Tatiana, and right after, here comes the punchline, tropical storm Annabelle. Besides being the name of my brother's new dog, inviting me to bug him with another name synch, Annabelle is a joke I share with you - an a - an ahole - belle. I'll take it as a compliment.

Overall everything is running smoothly. Between dancing and vacations, not much has changed. Silva, who's is right in front of us in the club so has secured his place in our heart, also sends out coded messages once in a while, like in this video. Yeah, how could I miss Object Bingo?

Life is pretty much the same, except I'm still optimistic about barely perceptible changes for the better. On Colbert you included the all-important question mark in your usual byte against religion. You took the time to say you don't know everything about the universe. That's encouraging.

On a deeper level, your last words in the Oct 30th New Rules after the Lamar Odom episode were 'If he's transitioning he's got a long way to go. Transitioning? You? Dare I believe?

I'll be there with you, all the way!