Saturday, August 22, 2015

Grill Bill

It's mid 2015 and already we're taking bets on whether Hillary can revamp into her old familiar vicious self to take on Trump in the ring, and whether she is gracious enough to her conscience to even address Bernie's concise Jewish Liberal logic. Since I started writing this entry, he's already pulling her to the left. Thanks Bernie! Hillary is so close, she could grab it this time around, but Bernie is my new heart throb. His family originates from Poland, close to the source of his irritation, the Rothschilds, whose ancestral homeland is the Medieval Kingdom of Khazaria. As I hope people are finding out by now, our modern day Attila the Huns were never really Jewish, but rather...

The History of the House of Rothschild
Andrew Hitchcock

Deep down it doesn't matter if your genes are Asiatic Mongolian. The point is that whether or not this is intentional, history is skewed and people don't know what the fuck they're talking about. 

I guess that means you're not Jewish either, since your Mom was from Hungary. How does it feel? You'll always be my angel...  

...You and Bernie are destined to battle your ilk, it's epic. 

I checked out your rapper friend Killer Mike and his partner in crime El-P from the band Run the Jewels. Sent them this tweet:

I really get off on those mongrels by the way, there's genius in that sound.

I don't know if the huns saw the tweet, but the very next day, a thief broke into my house minutes after I left to get groceries. He walked right past the electronics, didn't even see the cash... and ran out with the jewels.

Then he went next door, tied up my neighbor with elaborate hostage-taking gear, and took his money. No one got hurt... but why do I detect El-P and Mike have too much testosterone? 

I think I passed that test with flying colors cause I don't miss the diamonds one bit. Where am I going to wear them... the dancehall club? Since years they've just been sitting in the drawer. If you don't have it, you don't miss it; find your joy elsewhere, I like to say.

Then there was Bill, which flooded Texas. Talk about climate change weather extremes. After the drought, here comes the torrents. The only thing we heard that week was how flooding by Bill would be fueled by the Brown Ocean Effect, lol!

The flood felt like rivers of tears, especially with Hurricane Carlos close by in the East Pacific. I noted in a tweet that 'car', meaning because in french, and 'loss', rang in my ears like angel Bill felt he was losing me to angel Silva... hence the endless rain. In a cryptic footnote, the only casualty of this storm was a toddler swept out of his father's arms. I sensed your angel had a hard time dealing with the analogy of angel Silva as our son, remember the Kinabalu earthquake? Although, there's no need to throw out the baby with the bath water...

It's just as well, in physical 3D reality, all I do is dance around Silva, we still haven't taken up a conversation. Whatever he has to say he says it in his microphone and I dance and post pictures. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't get close to him; he's usually well guarded by a pack of beefy black females, like his friend Bling Angel.

It's interesting to note Bill made landfall in Matagorda. Ma did in fact tag orda, a coded reference to the Rothschilds.

Yep, we should all tag orda more often! I'm a member of the debters union, and loved listening to your guest Alexis Goldstein express our plight.

I'm in the process of restructuring two loans into one to free up some cash, hence July 14th's tropical storm Claudette - close debt - and Aug. 7th's pretty sounding, yet pretty deadly super typhoon Soudelor - Sou de l'or. Every cent is gold.

From the same article:

Asians sure know how to bring out the artistic side of things. Very Zen. We find romance wherever we can. Find that joy! Besides having to wear the same dress more than once, I'm fine until my comma fuckup operation decimates some decimals to regurgitate a few digits.

Not only are things tight until I finally get through, but as you know, I'm tackling an organic sulphur detox regimen. Looking at the hot, bubbling streams in Dominica, I came to the conclusion I feel so fucking good there because of naturally occurring sulphur from the volcano. Unbelievable stuff! It creates oxygen in our cells. Next time we're supposed to go, this Christmas, we're staying in Wotten Waven, as close to the volcano as possible without actually smelling sulphur. It's part of the age reversal experiment. With a climate so close to Costa Rica's, DA is definitely a blue zone with many centenarians.

No use hiding it anymore, I went through karmic detox when I lost the use of my fives senses in '99 for a couple years, in an acute bout of chronic fatigue. I get tired just remembering, but I have to address it when storms point to it and it plays into the narrative.

Here's an early web page that describes it, in case anybody is interested. I had to pay 8000 cents to renew the domain name: Let's get back to grill talk...

Yes, I'm back over 90%, but that 'spirit spouse' mind sex took a big toll on me physically. Even more so than the tainted crack we smoked in our twenties. More than the photographic chemical derived angel dust from my tweens. Angel sex is mystical. Don't misunderstand the deep awe and respect I hold in my heart for being this open. But it's also a shaman's favorite pick up line, from what I understand... just a part of nature. Making them come at a distance is how some talented guys can attract women. Not only would it not work on this diablotine ever again - third time has to be a strike - but being kept back from it for health reasons somehow managed to deepen my relationship with the two angels. For a minute though, I thought Angel Silva left! In the first week of July I arrived in Dominica to find out that even there my body can no longer withstand that phenomenal energy. Upon awakening, in my mind's eye I saw two fingers pointing at my eyes, like he was saying, "Ok I'm watching you cause if you can't handle the orgasms, I'm outta here". And he left. End of story....

No, not quite... Angel Bill, my original angel who's stuck it out for 8 years, also thought he was gone. We were making plans to move to DA, of course, to retire. There was even typhoon Chan-Hom... change homme, change home!

But there were also the other two, singing a different tune: Elle in far and Nan G okay, ah! If you put the other two together, Nangka and Linfa, there's Nana Far.

Leave High up family!  I love my Jamaican friends. Anyway, we had a great time in Dominica and when we came home, I was back in the clubs and any idea of moving away no longer made sense. I guess being Nana with Juny's granddaughter in DA made me feel like maybe my dancehall days were over. No, not yet! Our angel came running home to us also. Whayathink?

Now we're all trying to keep me in one piece. Everything is health related, and no more angel sex. Funny, though, real sex with my husband is still very good for me and very much alive. The physical orgasms are so different! I'll devote a whole chapter to that one day.

I still have fun dancing, but I'm going on 54 - my lucky number mind you... Gotta stay in shape for the Dec. 2012 Mayan Prophecy which I heard takes 4 years to kick in, when women take over e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. That's next year.

In the immediate present we've got Hurricane Danny on our tail today, and some comet is supposed to spell the end of the world between Sept 23 and 25th. Trauma!

I know I have to get off Facebook and focus on this blog. 'The Dan, he'... Honestly, after last year's hurricane Gonzalo episode where angel Silva declared himself king, here comes 'The Dan'. Guys... I can juggle one husband and two angels. These angels can't even get what they came here for anymore, it's all about love now.

This hurricane Danny is taking 10 days to work itself out. This one is a wonder of nature, a perfectly shaped miniature cat 3, and it's SLOWLY altering its course towards me. How about that? Am I scared? Not really. I can run downstairs. My next roof, if necessary, will be concrete. Luckily I feel my belief system is built better than my roof.

That's what I'm doing, advance testing the belief system for you.

And to Dr. Masters: Of course I'm right. Girls have a special way of seeing things...

And I would be even less surprised to find out the govt is behind this too - Kadena air force base in Okinawa got hit so many times it's like a bus stop.

Yes Bernie, we're ready for a change! Ok, that's my activism for today. It's hard enough to understand without the Truman Show dimension, but now it feels like I'm entering a Zen legend. So, without further ado, let's check that chemtrails may contain Bismuth tri-iodide and Bil to the power of 3, cheapish and non-toxic, like us, making it all funny besides being scary.

But now, we have to move along to 'Dead Celebrity Names', arguably the best segment of the blog. This time it was Omar Sharif. You want poetry? I once read Karrine Steffans' story about you comparing her to Blanche Dubois in 'Steetcar Named Desire', or was it Daisy Buchanan in 'The Great Gatsby'? Anyway, we girls are competitive by nature, always trying to outdo each other, so this magnificent leading man stepped into our story.

O Maher share, if...

I am struck by the beauty of Omar and Barbra. Look at these outfits! So elegant.... and ignorance was bliss back then. When was this staged, the roaring twenties?

After angel Silva came back, I shed tears of joy to read that I can keep both my angels! O Maher share, if... That your angel would consider a permanent cohabitation arrangement under any circumstance is a dream come true. I love you. I told you so right away, moments after they announced Sharif's passing.

Some beautiful storm names followed - Dol or es - Doll gold is

Halola and Iune - halo la and I am... an angel?

I was elated but sad too, that we lost another Hollywood classic. The whole concept of dead celebrity names, which I didn't invent by the way - I'm just the reporter -  does not diminish the personal value of these people. The issue with them is that they had too much identity to begin with. From a Zen perspective, it could make it more difficult for them to shed their old incarnations and gain enlightenment... just reporting.

But besides the fact that both angels Bill and Silva are setting the best example possible by teaming up with Juny to take care of me... check this... soon after, this was posted on Facebook. Why did I see this in the middle of our saga, when Hemsley actually died in 2012? One of his great fans remembers him on the third anniversary of his death in July 2012.

Share man him slay? 

No, no, of course not! It can be read two ways. I had to find the positive interpretation of the name... haffi!

Share man - aimez elle he

So, why on earth would angel Silva stay on? Even though the very reason he stopped by in the first place is not happening, neither up above or no longer down below? The mere memory of it?

Look who else died around then... it's mystical, and revolting; children of celebrities are getting dragged into this. Art her cave.


Which brings us to our personal celebrity problem. I expressed my desire... 'A Hurricane Named Desire'... what a great song title by Mars Lasar! I expressed my dissatisfaction at not getting intellectual feedback about the ideas brought forward in this blog. Like, what the fuck is going on here? Any opinions out there? I've been reaching out to scientists and meteorologists and all kind of intellectuals, but I still only get validation by a few precious people... those who understand spirit, amongst them friends from my favorite news site, The CONtrail.

Really! I was just about ready to start writing again, when Hurricane Danny rushed me along. It was just a blip, a PMS mood swing a la Meghan Kelly, that led me to utter these stupid tweets.

It doesn't matter, deep down I understand nothing happens halfway with you, and I'm not interested in facing hurricane 'Bill's Fame'. I just thought it might be nice to run my ideas by a few thinkers and intellectuals, you know, rational atheists... and by you of course, the adorable deist wanna be.

I'm a deist because I believe all the magic I write about is not supernatural, it's only natural. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus type stuff. In last night's show, 'Bride of Frankincense' sounds like you're lamenting my panicky live tweets in the wake of the advancing hurricane. I'm writing under the gun, Jesus is a Frankenstein monster to do this to me!

Except I don't see things like that at all. I'm leaving Jesus out of the fate equation. That was so two thousand years ago. I think human beings are ready to take responsibility for their actions. This poem is about telepathic communication as an outflow of desire... as if that's not bad enough!

Still, I get the feeling you don't want to face any of this.

I know, I also said I wanted to monetize the angels on adwords. My bad. My intention was to specifically target spiritual people who have an interest in shamanism.

The fallout was immediate.

Mount Raung? Dukono? I couldn't stop laughing for days! Karangetang had to be the Trump ****angetang reference. Because an ourangetang. Point taken. Right afterwards, I deduced you had the same impression, with Felicia - fell he see ah!

When I suggested to stop blogging, I thought you might go for the porn tweet only offer.  I guess you know you can have it all!

Right after I sent those nude pictures in the tweets, look at this... Ten he see... with the glasses!

Antioch, I'm sure there's a Greek fable in there.

We could use her tomorrow as Danny moves in!

That was August 5th, the day after I sent you this one, which suscitated Hurricane Hilda... yes I!

I still think the one eye illuminati style picture is actually the mystical one. This was a fluke of course, my photographer Estelle Jacques and I didn't plan on it.

Now, with Danny in the picture, I think it's best to ease off on the photos for a sec.

I tried to explain in the tweet that it was just PMS... of course I will blog for the rest of eternity! I tried to tell you I was feeling low from the detox, although Danny certainly woke me up. I sent you a bunch of tweets to minimize the damage, including this one.

Right then the plane crashed in Oksibil - so I guess you saw the messages.

The airline that crashed was called Trigana. Stop writing the blog cause I'm not satisfied with the feedback? Did I say that? It triggered 'an A', the A word?! OMG! I don't think I've ever seen you so upset.

The whole New Rules was filled with depressing metaphors.

Please, don't trade me for a virtual boyfriend!

Is that Woody in the corner of  your bad dream?

You even brought up the deleted tweet. Honestly, if any of this make sense, I'm flattered you noticed. But I have to explain I didn't delete the tweet out of rancor. It's just that the video link in the tweet was for the first section of your New Rules when it should have been the last section. I hadn't noticed this when I attached the link from HBO. You can't edit tweets, and I figured my links and references better be exact to make sense of this salad. That's why I deleted it.

Here's a couple more from that shoot.

And here's my best friend and photographer, Estelle Jacques, coming from Paris as a stylist with Louis Feraud haute couture.

I've been writing for two days straight and the cat 3 major hurricane that was Danny is being torn apart by wind shear. He is a day away and the blog is in the can!

Gotta mention Kilo before I go. A joke on the title, Grill Bill? How about Loke - lucky - right next door? Hopelessly romantic. I'll send this to Asia.


Update Friday August 28, 2015 - After the Storms

The hurricanes are playing hide and seek with forecasters - playful and deadly. Danny was a perfectly formed scale model miniature cat 3, threatening the islands one minute and sheared to bits the next, only to revive again, heading straight for me and then turning away.  The projected track called for him to come to St. Maarten, but I submitted the blog ahead of time and guess what?  Our island didn’t feel any effects from the storm. He defied some northerly trough or whatever and kept heading west, skimming Gwadaloop instead. Damage was minimal there but he dumped a fuckton of sargassum seaweed. Seems hurricanes attract that stuff like a magnet.

Danny, only 15 miles wide, yet surprisingly well organized:

The projected track:

actual track:

The next one, Erika, was waaayyy more dramatic. Again, heading straight for me right till the last minute.  Under a tropical storm warning, the island took a second day off after Danny. I did the right thing… I went dancing at Club Highup and sent you a cute video.

Before I sent it, I noticed hurricane Ignacio in the Pacific – 'I G nah see, oh!' I had thought of that, though, and I had the video!

After I sent it, Jimena – 'Gem in a' – was like a thumbs up. Not to worry, I don't know anyone named Jim!

'Gem in a' - making big waves in Hawaii again.

Here in St. Maarten we only felt a breeze and a decent amount of gentle rain from Erika. Check the track difference from the forecast, and how it ended up only tickling us a bit. All that bending over in the club has its esoteric merits!

 I've noticed a new trend in word games. A name can be interpreted with two opposite meanings. Erika translates to Eureka and Err. EEK AHHH! Dominica got the second version. The island was flogged by deluge. The rivers broke free, sweeping everything in their path. Dozens were killed. We're now finding out it was much worse than what we've seen so far. Cataclysmic, really. No pun intended.

Many roads were demolished, notably the road from the airport.

Watch this news report from DA News:

We can’t do everything right all the time, as the meteorologists are painfully finding out.

And me too... I now realize the idea of moving to Dominica may have been unpleasant for someone and/or their angel. So I will never move to Dominica. Case closed. We will visit, and come home to the house we designed and built to live in the rest of our lives. I am tweaking my technology, and hope that love and understanding will help get these storms recurving out to sea. This actually makes more sense than you think... follow me on this: the weather is so weird, it's increasingly obvious there is man made technology influencing it. Besides the increase in the number and intensity of typhoons in the Pacific, the Atlantic has a marked decrease in storms. The media attributes this to El Nino and sand from the Sahara hovering over the Caribbean area. I think chemtrail aerosols are causing the drought, drying up the air, and consequently diminishing the wind strength of potential storms. Look at what they’ve consistently been showing us – this yellow stuff is supposed to be sand from the Sahara squelching Danny with dry air.

I live here, with a panoramic view of the sea on the Atlantic side. There was sand yes, but it cleared up after July. I did notice a big increase in chemtrails, though. The sky is filled with funny lines down here too!

The US also had a lot less tornadoes this year… Fine, if chemtrails can dampen storms, that’s a good thing. I just hope experimentation can be refined so that no one will get hurt, nor here or in Asia. Why are typhoons so violent? Is there a precarious global equilibrium to be maintained when hurricanes are thwarted? Or is it just part of the 'research'? I wonder what chemtrail experts surmise on the Atlantic these past years and the lack of wind storms?

By the way, Dr. Masters, when the tracks are pointing right over me… please double check your instruments.  I will use any means at my disposal to outplay them.