Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Welcome to the Cloud!

Reality is shaped by our perceptions. Sounds harmless enough, until you see what passes as reality in everyday news. CNN is corroborating the views of conspiracy theorists, the 1 to 5 million of us who feel the media is steering us off course with disinfo. Why would they keep harping on about flight 370 long after the last fantasy ping, if they aren't trying to distract us from some fascinating, mind blowing news that would be too much for mankind to bear? Nobody believes a plane can just disappear these days. Even the conspiracy theorists' Diego Garcia landing story sounds like a disinfo flourish, courtesy of national news script writers. Watch out what happens when they get caught up in the excitement of the moment! I bet they're longing for more drama on the world stage. Although, as more and more people start getting high, 'real news' is becoming the spoofiest comedy.

"The Government' (whatever the fuck that is) has ads running all over the place for crisis actors to simulate tragic events. This would imply, and I'm really inclined to believe the reams of evidence, that a long list of domestic bombings, shootings and now stabbings (to throw the gun nuts off the scent) are just crunked up reality shows, designed to indoctrinate through feelings. A minute after I saw an amputee crisis actor ad on Craigslist, here she is on CNN, shrieking in pain from the fireworks on tv... ladies and bumps, your PTSD sensitization drill of the day. At least they're screwing our minds with liberal concepts... leave it to the Democrats to dip us even deeper in psyche sauce.

To keep yourself from fracking into little schizophrenic fragments, consider the Tantric Tibetan philosophy of life: to understand that existence is only a fluid palette of perceptions, and seeing through it 'à travers la façade' is to be set free. Could these countless false flag events be there to illustrate that very point? So there's a few more levels of make-believe in the video game of life. I'll shed all the veils, I don't care!

Actually, I got plenty too-hot-to-handle news, starting with the possibility that the bold invasion of Crimea was to secure territorial rights to underground pyramids claimed to be extraterrestrial pumping stations, of sorts... their annexation worth every international reprimand. When I saw all these world leaders wearing gold pyramid lapel pins at the 2014 Nuclear Summit, I instantly beamed back to that theory. Even more so when Obama, our interspecies UFO ambassador, wore one of the only slave outfits without the curious emblem.

Madeleine Albright's spaceship pin

So in the context of everything we've seen that's illuminati play play, what's keeping them from sending in the extraterrestrial clowns, as Clinton (masculine) said on Jimmy Kimmel, to unite earthlings against a common enemy? UFOs themselves, that's what, also keeping us from hacking the planet to cybershit and every paranoid perception journalism novelists can think of... cause, yep, they're more mature than us, and certainly more than Clinton for saying that.

This makes sense to me as they are acclimating us with crop circle art, and we often read their contention that spirituality is the technological jump off point. I wouldn't be surprised if contentment is the ultimate secret weapon.  But hey, I'm partial; they seduced me.

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